saving the worldMature

the next morning we got a call of a old mate called lisa saying that her whole city was slowly being slaughtered by a monster and the police weren't doing anything about it and asked if we would save her city from the monster we agreed and started preparing with bits that we needed to have with us then we began the long journey to the city of bran near where we was living and when we got there lisa greeted us and lead us toward the monster we got its attention and it chucked us across the floor and we got back and i made into a man again using my gifts and everyone was watching us do it and when it changed back to a man i was surprised to see it was my brother and i ordered him back to my place straight away we went back and told him never to do that again but he told us about being provoked by someone and we believed him then and asked him who this person was and he said his mates boyfriend and that he had just come out of the hospital where he went slightly mad and said horrible things about my brother and we was sorry for him but he said that he was so mad about it that this guy believed that my brother had killed someone and he was in tne police station for a whole six hours about it and we thought that this was unbelievable and he agreed with me on that at the very least. we was so angry we didn't know what to do my brother said to be careful in whatever we was going to do and we had a bit of a chat and agreed to find this guy and teach him a lesson.

The End

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