my giftsMature

in the morning sam and the other two came to see me and asked me to help them i agrreed and then we went to go and start at the place where i last saw her which was at jimmys place so we went there and i i touched the place where the claws had been and i got a premonition of where the beast took her. we then went to that place and found out that the monster had gone out and we went in to the cellar and saw jimmys girlfriend chained against the wall loooking starved along with a dozen other young guys and girls as well so i clicked my fingers and removed the chains then we carried them to our limos and took them to our place and let them have some food and water and a place to stay for the night. i then had to go and see my brother about some business and then i went hunting with the others as we needed blood desparatly needed it. we then went to test out my weather changing power and made it black clouds and lighting with some loud tumbles of thunder the other three said it was cool and we went back and watched some tele as there was a good horror film on so we watched that with some popcorn and coke like a cinema night it was good to do something fun together as i hadn't seen them for a good half a year as i was busy helping the needy and the other three were busy with mates and keeeping each other sane and helping jacob with his diet. so we had a good catch up before getting tired and dragging each other off to bed  for a good nights sleep.

The End

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