visiting matesMature

the next morning when sam and paul were feeling better they got dressed and then jacob came in told them of his promise and they said that they were going to visit some mates and said that it was the perfect thing to test his new promise jacob agrred and they called their limo to have him pick them up. they went to their mates house called david and had a nice chat about what was going on in their lives when they excused themselves david was dissapointed but sam insisted that they had to go and get some tea and invited their mates for a bit of clubbing tonight they agreed. so the three went home and had some tea then went to take a shower. their mates knocked on the door soon after they finished getting ready and they all went out on the town and had a brilliant time jacob kept his promise for one night. then they went  home and went to bed as they were very drunk. the next morning they got up had breakfast and went hunting at the park. when they got back they was just sitting down when there was a knock at the door it was their oldest brother jimmy and he wanted a favour that they tried to find his missing girlfriend rose who they also knew. they agreed and said they was sorry that she was missing and said that jimmy needed to tell them everything that he had saw. jimmy told them that he had seen his girlfriend taken by a monster and that the monster had left claw marks on the floor and that he was so scared that she might be dead but they had hope for him as they told him about me helping them.

The End

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