fighting against each otherMature

the next morning sam asked jacob if he had killed their mother and he said yes then sam started shouting about how much of an embarrasment jacob was to the pack and about how many bodies he was sucking the blood from. then paul woke up and asked what was going on and sam told him and paul shouted at jacob about the fact that it was their mother and jacob said that he didn't care and sam said that he either stopped it or they'd lock him up in a cell somewhere so he could go back to his normal diet. jacob said that he would not change for anyone so they dragged him to a cell in their cellar and locked him up with chains and put a curtain over the top so they couldn't see him. so sam and paul went to the park to hunt some animals and when they came back they went down to the cellar to go and see jacob but when they got down there the curtain was off and the cell was empty and the chains were broken then they heard screaming outside and went to see what it was it was jcob shooting everyone and then drinking everyones blood with a piece of flesh missing from their arms sam and paul stopped him and brought him back home. jacob started shouting at paul and sam about stopping him and they just turned their backs on him. then jacob shot them in the shoulder and left and sam and paul got the bullets out and went to rest in their beds so that they could heal themselves. jacob however was thinking about what he had just done and promised himself that he would stop killing the humans and stick to a normal diet.

The End

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