brotherly visitMature

the next morning jacob, sam and paul got woken up by a loud knock on the door, jacob went to get the door whilst sam and paul went to get dressed. it turned out that it was their human brother at the door called mark so they had to be careful because jacob liked human blood very much so once sam and paul were dressed they came out to watch over jacob making sure that he didn't kill his brother. mark came to tell the trio that their mother was ill and that she was dying so jacob went over their and when everyone left him alone he went and bit his mother killing her he did the usual for him which included licking the body of its blood and then ate a bit of flesh of the arm then he left and went back to his home in translvania. sam got a phone call seeing as he was head of the pack. the phone call said that their mother was dead and jacob was the last to see her also that the blood was all gone and a part of the of the arm was gone.

The End

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