The Flesh Eating Shape-ShifterMature

jacob, david, mark, rose, jimmy, lisa, sam, paul

one day in translvania  a shapeshifter named jacob was a bit hungry, usually jacob would only go for animals blood but today he was in the mood for some differnt type of blood humans blood so he went to search for some humans and he found some, then he snuck up on the healthy guy and heard his healthy heart and bit into his neck killing him in one bite. jacob then licked the guys blood clean then tried a bit of flesh and liked it so he had with all of his meals a bit of flesh with it. jacob went home to find his mates sam and paul there, they were also shapeshifters but only hunted animals they were angry at him for killing a random human. sam and paul left and didn't talk to him for ages they were so furious with him as it broke a rule that they had in their pack. jacob didn't care and just left them to it.

The End

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