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Dionysus wiped a bead of sweat from his brow, and made a quick thrust at his opponent. Yes. He was down. He heard the whistle and shook his opponent's hand. He headed to a bench and picked up his towel, feeling the little threads wiping across his forehead, picking up the small drops of sweat as they made their way across his face. He resisted the urge to pick up his water bottle and pour its cool contents over his burning head. He knew that it would rust his armor, and the slightest bit of corrosion could weaken the whole thing severely.

"Everyone in the center," called the trainer. Dionysus went and sat next to Acheron. He suddenly remembered how his research paper was to be read out loud, and he hoped and prayed that the trainer forgot. But he knew it would be otherwise. A warrior never forgets.

However, his prayer was answered, although his trainer didn't forget. The trainer simply said, "I have read Alexiares' and Dionysus' research papers... and I'm satisfied." The rest of the group waited with baited breath. "I think you guys are ready to hear the story." They all cheered.

"So where were we in the story when I was so rudely interrupted by Alexiares?"

"Ummm... Zeus. He tried to harness the force," said the blushing Alex, glaring at everyone with hatred as they tried to suppress their laughter. "Why do you pick on me all the time Master?!" he cried.

"Because you have many qualities that I can mock you for." An explosion of laughter. "Also because you actually mind."

"Master," Alex cried. "That's so rude!!!" He was barely audible over the thunder of laughter.

"Awww... who cares," said the trainer. "Quiet down. Let me continue."

"OK. Zeus tried to harness the force. Do people have any idea when and why?"

Dionysus suddenly felt a strange feeling, like he knew the answer and was the only one to know it, because someone was telling him, and him alone. Which, precisely, was true. He raised his hand.

"Ummm... when he was working as a cup bearer in his father, Kronos' house. He had decided to try to harness the force to give him strength and make sure that his father would regurgitate his brothers when he gave him the potion to do that." Dionysus was feeling more confident. "Also, so that in the war following, the gods had the strength to defeat the titans."

"Precisely so, Dionysus. How did you know?"

"Uhhh... I just kinda had a feeling, master. It felt as if someone was telling me, from like... inside my mind."

The trainer frowned. "Ok...?"

"Is there anything wrong with that, master?"

"The trainer's face resumed its original expression again. "No Dionysus, nothing at all. I was just thinking... Oh forget it. Let's continue with the story."

"As Dionysus said so correctly, Zeus tried to harness the force in question-"

"You mean there are other forces too? Like, you mean, powerful ones?"

"Yes Acheron. There are others. But this force that we are referring to is the strongest. Yes, Ceyx?"

"So, did anyone else, like, try to harness any of the other forces?"

"Yes Ceyx, but we'll come to that later. Does any one else have anyother questions about any other forces, or can we proceed? If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask." No one had any queries. "No? Then we proceed."

"So Zeus tried to harness the force. But the force did something to him." The trainer took a pause for effect. A boy asked the question.

"Master, what did it do to him?"

"You think I won't tell you?"

"Well... I was just asking."

"Well be more patient next time."

"The force agreed to help Zeus-"

"Master, what do you mean by 'agreed'? You said it was a force, not a living thing..."

"Are Gods living?" asked the trainer.

"Ummm... not exactly..."

"But they can still talk and respond and do things right? They can do even more stuff than living things right?"

"Ummm... yes..."

"So forces are like that. Except they don't have anything that they can call a 'body'. Nothing visible. They are just like a thought, a presence there you can feel, but can't see. Yes, Acheron?"

"So forces are just thoughts?"

"No you nitwit. They are similar to thoughts in the way that you can't see them but you feel them and know that they are there," Dionysus said. He couldn't understand why all these other guys couldn't understand what he knew already.

"It's OK Dion," the trainer said. "Calm down."

"Sorry Master."

"Now look what you've done, all of you," the trainer said irritatedly. "We're out of time. You'll just have to listen to this tomorrow."

Everyone groaned.

The End

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