What do you mean...

Dionysus was angry again. He had been hoping to listen to the story this time, but was disappointed. He hoped that next session, the trainer would be satisfied with his research paper. He really had worked hard on it. He lay down on his bed in his room, looked at the sword he just put down in the corner of the room, and got back out a bed. He picked it up, and sat on the floor of his room with the blade in his lap. He looked at his reflection in the shining metal, and wiped of a drop of dried sweat that still clung to its otherwise spotless surface. His face looked distorted, bent and of a different size, when the image reached the partition line between the blade and the base of the sword. "I wonder if Artemis and Apollo used blades like this," Dionysus wondered, holding it as if he was going to thrust it at someone's body. "Oh," he remembered, "they were the God and Goddess of hunting. They used bows and arrows."

He looked at the book he had borrowed from the library, and remembered that he still had to return it. There was no point in keeping it any longer, since he had already finished reading it. He also needed more reading material.

He decided to go back to the library to read some more and to return the book, and he headed out towards the library. It was a beautiful day, and he breathed deeply as he walked the one mile to the public library. He watched the birds hopping from one tree to another, singing their little avian tunes, whose lyrics only they could understand. He watched the children playing in the park. His developing warrior's senses noticed a lot of things; he hopped over a puddle, kicked a small stone out of the way, shooed away a mosquito on his back, bypassed a bit of crow excreta falling from the sky towards him and smiled at a pair of girls staring at his biceps stretching through his t-shirt. He walked through the park, and smiled seeing all the children playing on the swings and the slides, watched as they looked so happy and innocent, with no worries other than the one of finding a line at the ice cream stand. He wished that he could be as care-free as them, but decided that, hey, he was going to be a warrior, which couldn't have any of that.

He was enjoying his walk thoroughly , when disaster struck. It started raining, hard, which ruined all hopes of him getting to the library. He cursed and run to a small general store nearby, and shut the door behind him. He thought that while he was at it, he might as well buy some gum. He knew that his trainer would have disapproved of it, but he was addicted to the chewable substance still.

He headed to the small rack that kept the stores supply of gum. He looked long and hard, and finally decided to chose the one he ended up choosing after every long and hard inspection: Wrigley's Spearmint. He took it to the counter, and managed to find the five centurions(a centurion was a hundredth of an orion, and an orion is worth about two dollars) needed to pay for the gum. He opened the packet and popped a stick into his mouth when the thing he least expected took place.

"Dionysus," said a familiar voice behind him. Dionysus stuffed the gum packet in his pocket lest his trainer see it, and turned around to face him.

"Hello Master. I wasn't expecting you here."

"Dionysus, I know you're chewing gum and it's okay.. I only don't want you chewing it during training. It's fine at other times." Dionysus relaxed and started chewing again.

"Dionysus, I read your research paper." Dionysus tensed up again.

"Did- Was it fine?"

"Oh yes!!! It was very good!!! I would have given it an A+ if grades were necessary for this course." Dionysus relaxed again. "I could see that you worked really hard on it." Dionysus turned red. "You are very interested in our history." He paused. "I think you could connect to Apollo and Artemis."

"Ummm... what do you mean, Master."

"You'll figure it out eventually."

"OK... by the way Master... I'm grateful to you for accepting me for your course."

"I'm happy to hear it."

"Your Welcome, Master."

"Dionysus." There was something in his trainer's tone that made Dionysus look up from his shoes and into his eyes. "Dionysus... I have... a feeling about you."

"What... feeling, Master?" Dionysus asked cautiously.

"I have a feeling that you are going to join the Gods and Goddesses and Heroes in those history books. I have a feeling you'll be someone great. Someone the world will definitely remember."

Dionysus was stunned. He had nothing to say. "Well I better be paying for this chocolate bar," said his trainer, smiling. "Well, Good Bye Dion. Until tomorrow."

He left the shop and went out into the street. Dionysus looked out, and for the first time noticed it had stopped raining.


The End

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