"Can you please finish the story? I wrote the research paper didn't I?" said the offender from the previous day's session. His name was Alexiares, and he was vain enough to think that he was able to "prevent wars" like his name suggested. He was proud and haughty, and although he didn't want to admit it for the fear of seeming "nerdy", was hooked to the story the trainer had started, and wanted to hear the rest of it.

"One minute, Alex. I want to read it." Alexiares winced as he said his nickname. "What, anything wrong? You think Alex sounds too... common?" Alexiares turned bright red, for this was exactly what he had been thinking. "You think too much about being "cool". Sometimes I wonder why I chose you to be a warrior," the trainer said disapprovingly. Alexiares went back to his place in the circle in shame, listening to the rest of the group snigger.

"Shut up," he muttered, and they laughed harder.

"OK everyone quiet," said the trainer. "I'm going to read Alex's paper out loud."

"No," Alexiares groaned.

"Yes," the trainer said. "Alex, you keep forgetting that I can hear everything you say."

"Yeah right," whispered Alexiares into Acheron's ear. "Now he's gonna say that he can read our minds."

"No, Alex. I am not that talented. But I can hear everything you say in these sessions." Alex became quiet. "And now for Alex's paper."

"The three major Olympians were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. They were brothers, and were the sons of Kronos. Together they ruled the Earth. Zeus got the air under his rule, Poseidon got the water, and Hades got the underworld to rule. Zeus was the king of all the gods.

"Their father, Kronos, was a Titan, and had heard that he would be defeated by one of his sons. Thus, when each of his sons were born, he promptly swallowed them. However, when his wife Rhea was expecting her sixth child, she did not want the baby to be eaten, so she secretly gave birth on an island, and gave Kronos a rock wrapped in swaddling cloths, and, thinking it was the baby, he swallowed it. The baby, Zeus, grew up on the island. Some say he was brought up by the natives of that island, some say he was brought up by a goat. Then, Rhea showed Zeus to his father. At first Kronos was outraged, but then was convinced to accept his son, and take him in as a cup bearer. Then Zeus tricked him into having a potion which would force him to vomit out the contents of his stomach. First came out the rock, and then his five siblings. The Gods then waged the Divine war against the Titans, and were given weapons by the Cyclops; Zeus got a thunderbolt, Hades the helm of darkness, and Poseidon received a trident. The Gods ended up winning the war. Kronos and most of the other Titans were exiled to Tartarus.

"Zeus married Demeter, the Goddess of the earth( De- means earth, mitir means mother). Poseidon's consort was Amphritite, and Hades' consort was Persephone. She was the daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture. When she was abducted by Hades, her mother grieved, creating a famine. Persephone was allowed to stay in Olympus for half of the year, and in the underworld for the other half. The time when she is in the underworld, her mother grieves and the land is barren(winter and autumn)."

The other trainees were spellbound by this narration. They loved the stories of wars and abduction, and couldn't believe that their so called 'history' was full of them. The most interested was Dionysus. He was so amazed that he didn't even hear when trainer said his name.

"Dionysus. I want your essay on Artemis and Apollo."

"Ughhh... trainer!!! you promised to continue the story about the force," whined Alexiares.

"I know I did. I want everyone else to hear about Apollo and Artemis."

Dionysus realized what he was saying, and handed over his essay.

"Ok guys. You hear this one tomorrow. If I'm satisfied, you get to hear the story of the force."

Everyone groaned.

The End

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