Research. Great. Yup.

"Curse that guy!!! How could he not know that basic stuff??? And even if he didn't know... he didn't have to speak up. He knows that contradicting the teacher is dangerous," said Dionysus to himself in the library, along with other words along that same line. He was standing in the section about Greek history. He wondered why they called it 'Greek History' when everyone knew that those stories were all myths.

He took  a book entitled "The Sun and The Moon: Apollo and Artemis" off the shelf. Opening it to the table of contents, he made his way to the table.

"Ok. Intro," he said, flipping to page 3.

"Two of the most powerful and famous Greek Gods were Apollo and his twin sister Artemis, the God of the Sun and the God of the Moon, among other things. Both of them were Olympians, meaning they were part of the 13 major Gods. Their father is Zeus and their mother is Leto, the Titaness. Ok, Chapter One. Their birth."

He flipped the page and started to read it. "Zeus' wife was his elder sister, Hera, the Goddess of Childbirth and Marriage. When Hera discovered that her husband had slept with Leto, and she was expecting his child, she cursed Leto by not allowing her to give birth on the mainland or any island. Leto, however, found an island which was not attached to the ocean floor, and could thus not be called a real island. There she went and gave birth to the twins Apollo and Artemis. Because of their mother, they are called the Letoides. The island was called Delos, and became sacred to Apollo. It is said that Hera had kidnapped Ilithyia, the goddess of Childbirth, so that Leto could not give birth. The other Gods, however, bribed Hera with an amber necklace 9 meters long to let Ilithyia go."

Dionysus was hooked. Being so captivated by this book, contrary to his expectations, he checked it out and took it to his home. At his home he read the whole book in record speed. He was stunned at himself. This was the first time that he had actually enjoyed doing homework.

By the time it was night, there were only 2 pages left. "The last story about Apollo and Artemis in this book is about the Orion. Apollo had noticed that his twin sister had been hunting a lot with Orion, the hunter depicted in the constellation Orion, with his dog. Apollo had remembered Artemis' pledge to remain a virgin throughout her life, and did not want her to break the oath. He started to devise a plan to end Artemis' relationship with Orion, since he thought that she might risk her virginity for the relationship. He realized that since Artemis was a huntress, her aim with a bow and arrow was perfect, and she could miss no target, no matter how far away the target happened to be. He asked Artemis to shoot an object floating in the sea, which was far away, just  near enough for his sister to just see it, but far enough for her not to be able to distinguish exactly what it was. Her pride being hurt, she immediately took aim, and shot an arrow at her target. As Apollo expected, her aim was perfect, and the arrow hit the object she was challenged to hit. Later she discovered that the target was Orion's head, and she had slain him. When she realized what had happened, she honored her fallen companion and lover by placing him in the sky. He is still there as the constellation Orion."

On the second page was a picture of Artemis looking up at the sky, with a tear dripping down her cheek. The constellation Orion was bright it the sky, and the face of her fallen lover smiled at her affectionately.

Dionysus looked out his window at the night sky, and found Orion. He gazed long and hard and felt sure that he saw him wink.

The End

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