The Truth

Then she’s sobbing and I want to go to her and hug her, but I don’t understand, instead I scream.  My head throbs, trying to process her face with memories that I don’t remember well.

“Skye, I’m sorry,” she says again.

I frown.  The Boss hasn’t moved since the situation started.

I don’t know what’s happening and then it comes to me.

“Frank took me from my sophomore year in school so your agency could run tests on me because of my intellectual level and my brain frequencies.  Using me would allow you to perfect your machine so you could program the whole United States to believe that the Chinese bombed us, when it was actually an atomic bomb of ours that was being transported across the states to Washington, D.C.!”

I pause for a second, memories flowing in.  

“You wanted to see if I could resist your machine.  And Aiden.  He was another test subject and we figured it out.  We stole the flash drive containing all this information, but you sent Frank after us.”

“And I reprogrammed him as I tried to do to you, “ The Boss intervenes. “But, you think differently than he does.  You don’t trust people easily.”

I nodded, everything made sense I just had one simple question.

“What’s my real name?”

“That’s for you to try to figure out, “ he said again and motioned for the nurse to continue her advance toward me.

She kept moving forward and I had barely anywhere to run.  Soon, the cold of the machines seeped into my skin.  She dove and hit me right in the stomach with the needle.  I punched her in the face and slammed her head to the ground.

I recognized her finally.  It was my mom.  And then I nod to myself.  I told her about Frank and she was offered money to help with the operations which would help because I actually trusted her.  

What did she call me, what was my real name?”

“Gwendolyn,” I said as I began to doze off. “My name is Gwendolyn.”

But before I close my eyes, Aiden’s perfect, clear blue eyes, stared into mine.

“Don’t leave me,” he said as he placed a bomb to my left.  “I pretended to forget everything.  You can trust me, I promise.”

I bob my head up and down, telling him yes and then he’s pulling me to my feet and pushing me into a run.  

“Keep moving!” He shouts.

And we do, we run as fast as we can, toward freedom and the truth.

The End

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