Being Controlled

War Four.

Something screeched in my ear and I jumped.  Looking from side to side, I checked my surroundings, nothing.  It sounded again and I clamped my hands to my ears.

The screeching stopped and a clear voice sounded in my ear, “Keep walking.  Walk to the agency.  If you do not listen, you will be terminated.”

Frank must have injected a type of one way communication device into my ear.  I reached behind and felt a bulge right behind my earlobe.  

I started walking.  Nothing made sense.  Aiden was gone even though I thought we ran out of the agency together after stealing the flash drive and I don’t remember (even though I barely remember anything that actually happened, though I’m pretty sure that what I was recalling now, was the truth,) being captured by Frank.   How did everything get so messed up?

All of a sudden there was more screeching in my ear and I dropped to the ground.  Rolling from side to side I clawed at the listening device.  Then everything was quiet.

“I’m alive, just keep going.  I will see you soon.”

And then, his voice was gone.  His voice, my boyfriend’s voice, rang in my ears even though he was nowhere to be seen.

There was screeching in my ear again as Frank’s team tried to set up a barrier so Aiden couldn’t hack back into the system, but I just laid there.  Aiden’s alive and coming for me.

A new spring was in my step as I set off again toward the agency.


A few hours later, I was there, standing in front of the same steel doors that kept me contained for months as tests were done on me, watching how I reacted to the changes in my memory.  

The doors opened and I was immediately surrounded by huge security guards dressed in blood red shirts, who pulled me along.  I needed Aiden, and if I had to cooperate with these traitors to see him again, I would do just that.  

They deposited me in a bathroom and told me to shower.  The guard that held me by my feet over the cliff entered right when the door was closing and handed me a change of clothes which consisted of black leggings and a black Northface.  

“You have half an hour before the Boss will speak with you.”

I nodded, the Boss had been observing my progress with my machine altered memory.  I knew him well and recalled that in different memories I liked him quite well, and in others he threatened my existence.

I jumped into the shower,  the heat sting my cut on my side and seemed to claw at my sunburn.  Clenching my teeth, I continued to scrub at the desert sand that had stuck itself to my limbs.  After my skin was raw and pruny from being cleaned, I put on the clothes the guard had left for me.  

There was a knock on my door.  

“The Boss is ready for you now Skye.”

“Thank you,” I said as I walked toward the door, cringing at a fake name I was given in passed memory alterations.

The End

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