The Flash Drive

A bomb goes off in Washington D.C. and when the government blames the destruction on China, World War Four is about to begin. But then, a sophomore, who forgot her real name because of all the adjustments to her memory at a secret agency in Arizona, is chosen to hide the truth from the people of the United States. Will she fight against her false memory, or embrace the lies?

The air was humid and still, turning my lips chapped.  My throat ached and I gagged from dehydration.  One sip.  Just one sip of water is all I need.  

“We’re making some progress,” the government agent behind me sneered talking to Frank.

I kept my spot on the ground secured, knowing there was no way for me to beat three full grown men and run through a desert by myself and survive.  I just needed them to continue to need my help so they wouldn’t kill me or take away my memories again.

“C’mon Frank, let’s try her again.”

Two rough hands latched onto my bare legs and another on my arms.  As soon as we reached the overhang of the cliff the hands on my arms let go and my whole being was in control of the man holding my ankles.  

“Now, where is Aiden Phillips?” Frank asked me, as his buddy shook my legs.  

My body swayed and I felt his grip loosen.

“Aiden who?”

I needed to stagger and delay Frank from getting back to the agency so Aiden could get to Washington D.C. with the information on the flash drive.

“What did you do to him?” He tried again.

A small sigh erupted from my lips, why would I have killed Aiden?  They were the ones who would have hurt him, not me.

“Am I boring you, or did you simply forget that you could plummet to your death in seconds?”
I laughed again, “Oh Frank, you’re using big words now.  You’ve grown up so much since last time.”

“And you haven’t changed a bit, Skye.

I cringed at the false name I was given last time the Boss, (a.k.a. The President of the United States) took away my memories.  I tried to think of something rude to say, but nothing came.  By this time, most of the blood had gone to my head.  My temples throbbed and my jaw was locked.  It truly was hard to be a smart aleck when you were hanging by your feet over a cliff.

“Let me try this again,” I heard a knife being pulled out from a leather sheath.  “Where is Aiden Phillips?”

Sweat trickled down my brow, rolled off my nose and off, free falling to the ground.

“Aiden who?” I repeated.

The knife made contact with my side, I yelped and pulled away, trying to move from the pain.  I swayed from side to side, blood flowing down my shirt.  The blood kept coming and I kept trying to remove myself from Frank’s buddy’s grip, but he wouldn’t let go.  I’d rather fall to my death than give Frank information on Aiden.  I clenched my jaw.  I knew my injury wasn’t bad enough that I wouldn't bleed to death, but I would definitely need stitches.

“We’ll try her again later.  Set her down.”

The ground spun as I was set on the ground.  The dirt pushed its way into my mouth and rocks broke into my skin.  I was about to drift off, when a foot pushed onto my knifed side.

I screamed and then there was nothing.



The End

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