The girl finds Kai hiding

The girl swept her long black ringlets from her face as she straightened up.  With her eyes still cast on the revived flower, she said" You can come out from behind that tree, I will not harm you."

Kai forced himself not to laugh at the idea of this girl hurting him but was unable to keep from smirking as he revealed himself.

"You should know you can not hide from a Terran on their own lands." Raising her eyes to meet his, a large smile crossed her face. " Typical Fire Weaver, thinking they are so much stronger than everyone else. I am surprised you don't name yourselves Lords like the Wet Ones do." As the anger flashed in Kai's eyes he suddenly fell into a hole that was not there a moment ago. Buried up to his neck, the ground enclosed on him in a blink. " What is this ? I thought you said you weren't going to harm me," demanded  the young fireling

A look of exaggerated puzzlement played upon the girl's face, "Are you harmed by such a small tumble? Perhaps you Flame Dancers ought to toughen up a bit," she said as the smile quickly returned. "I am called Jaycelynn and I assume you are the rogue Flame Weaver everyone is talking about. You don't look so powerful to me."

Kai grew livid at himself for being so stupid as to be trapped by this girl. "Let me go! " he said, anger straining his voice.  He released his fire into the ground, he had no idea if it would do anything but he couldn't just sit there and do nothing.

Jaycelynn jumped back quickly, "By the Gods you are powerful ! OK stop that and I will let you out. You are killing them! Please stop!

Kai paused," I am not hurting anyone! How could I, all bound up like this? "

"The earth, all the creatures that live in the soil, the grass, the plants, the trees whose roots you have scorched ! Please don't do that again and I will let you out. I was just having some fun with you."

Kai, enjoying the sensation of power again, thought about burning more, just to teach this girl  a lesson. As though she were reading his thoughts she said, "You may also want to consider that my people also felt what you just did and will be very curious indeed. Stuff is always falling on or into the earth so this one outburst will more than likely just gotten there attention. Do that again and they will come running. I am not so sure you want to battle an entire tribe of Terran's no matter how powerful you are."

Kai heard what seemed like wisdom in her words and kept his fire in check. "You said you would let me out," he said in a lot more of a demanding tone than he had intended.

" I shall but you must promise to behave. Do I have your word on this Flame Weaver ?"

Kai looked, really looked at his captor for the first time and was struck by her beauty. Her eyes, so large and all encompassing, radiated with a passion for life yet behind that was deep rooted pain that she would never be free of. The way her hair cascaded down the lithe form and swayed with the slightest breeze made it seem it had a life all its own. Her smile lit up her already beautiful face into something the Gods themselves might worship. Staring at the smile that was quickly turning into a frown, Kai just barely heard,"Flame Weaver ?

Kai quickly snapped out of his adoration, wishing his cheeks where not burning quite so hot in embarrassment. " You have my word Terran."  the ground opened but as he tried to climb out he was knocked down and instantly lost in complete darkness.

"What the ....." he started to yell but a small hand clamped firmly over his mouth.

"Shhhhhh be quiet, your people are here.

The End

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