Outside the Terran's Burrows

Kai was nearly there now.  He was extremely tired and was desperate for food; he hadn't allowed himself any time to pick berries from the low bushes or experiment with the mushrooms covering the forest floor.  He was way behind schedule as it was.

He realized that the further he ran and the more careless he became, the easier it would be for the masters to track him.  So he had taken extra time to create false paths and confusing trails, doubling back sometimes on his own track or zig-zagging through the forest.  He hoped it would be enough to keep them a good distance away.

It had been over two days since he had left his fellow weavers.  He was sure that word had gotten to the Terran's by now but he was so close; he didn't have it in him to turn back now. 

No, Kai thought, I'll stick to my original plan as best I can.  If anything happens, I'll figure it out from there. 

His meagre plan was all he had.

Kai slowed his pace as the ground beneath him rose steadily into the formation of a large expanse of hilly land.  This was close to where he remembered the burrows to be.

He stopped completely to get his bearings.  He didn't see anything out of the ordinary or even a hint of an underground community. He began inching closer towards nothing.  He needed to find out how to get in without being spotted.  Actually, he needed to find out how to get in

Kai heard a rustling ahead of him.  He threw himself onto the ground and scuttled behind the nearest tree.  As he hid, he looked on, watching as a great patch of grass on the side of one particularly large hill seemed to sink back and away, revealing an impressive wooden door.  It swung open; two people stood in silhouette from the half light emitting from inside.  The taller one patted the shorter on the head and mouthed something that Kai couldn't make out.  The shorter stepped outside and the door was shut again. 

Kai now saw that it was a girl who had exited the burrow, about his age, perhaps a year or two older.  She turned to face the door, placing her hand in mid-air before it.  Closing her eyes for just a moment, the grass swarmed its way back over the door as though the door had never existed, and the girl skipped away towards the forest.  Towards Kai.

Kai held his breath, trying to plaster himself against the tree trunk as best he could, all the while watching the girl.  She was skipping happily when she suddenly halted, mid-skip.  She looked down at the ground.  Kai followed her gaze: she was looking forlornly and perhaps a little confusedly, at a crumpled flower.  Kai had walked over it and crushed it in his attempt to hide.  The girl bent over and touched the flower, stroking a petal gently.  She brought her hand above the flower, held it in mid-air and closed her eyes for just a moment; just longer than a blink.  She was smiling as the flower rose from its crumpled state on the ground to stand tall once more.

The End

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