The Terrans

As Kai hoisted himself from the hard earth, he knew where he would go: The Terrans.  He knew it was a risk, but then, everything he did from now on would be risky, he realized.  The Terrans were the closest; he wouldn't be able to run for much longer without some sort of sustenance.  Afterall, he was no hunter.

Kai began to pick up speed; imagined rustling and cracking of twigs seemed to follow him which ever way he turned.  His mind raced also.  He began formulating a make-shift plan. 

He wouldn't stay long enough with the Terran clan for anyone to find out what had happened.  He would get in quickly, find some food and other necessities for his travels and leave just as quickly.  No one would recognize him, as the last time he visited the Terran clan, he was just a boy; four, maybe five years old.  It was incredibly rare for a child to be brought along on travels, especially to other clans, but the masters had seen talent and power in him even then.  He had had a privileged childhood.

Kai ripped his thoughts away from the past; he needed to focus.  After he left, he would make his way...where?  Certainly not the way he had came.  Plus, he doubted very much that he would be able to navigate his way up into the mountains to the Wind Walkers.  He was left with little other choice than to go to the Water Lords.  Either that, or live out his life on his own, as a recluse.  The last option did not appeal to Kai in the least.

Kai's ceremonial robe was getting tattered as he darted through the trees, mud splattering the hem in a most un-Weaver like manner.  Kai paid no heed.

Kai's mind was doing mental calculations: If he kept up a good pace, and didn't stop to rest, he might make it to the Terran's burrows in a day and a half.

Kai stumbled onward.

The End

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