The Water Lords

I simply can't go to the Terrans, Kai thought. He knew that would be the first place his tribe would look for him. The message was certainly on its way by now, and it might have arrived already. It was too risky to even go there just for food. 

The Water Lords were so far away... but it would be worth the journey when he got there. They weren't friendly with the Flame Weavers, but perhaps that would work in his favor. After all, he was just a child... lost, homeless... They wouldn't need to know about his exceptional talent... the reason he left... He would think of a good story to tell them, something to turn them even more against the Flame Weavers, so that they would be determined never to hear them out. Yes, the Water Lords would protect him from those who would strip his powers.

Kai stood up. He did not continue on the path towards the Terrans. He knew that the Water tribe was south of his village, but that was the extent of his knowledge. So he headed south, taking a moderate pace this time, to conserve energy. He had never ventured into this part of the forest before, and was unaware of the secrets it concealed. As his mind raced through all the years of training, noting lessons that would be useful in forest survival, he realized one ironic obstacle that could mean the end of him.

I must not produce a large fire. They will never stop looking for smoke on the horizon as long as I am on the run. 

I must control my power.

The End

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