He runs left, towards the forest

Kai ran, he did not care where, he he just needed to get away from the destruction he had caused. The vision of Master Tharyn's head on fire would not leave his mind. Tharyn was a Flame Weaver of the highest order, he should have easily taken control of Kai's fire. With all the Weavers there, Kai's strongest outburst should have been no  more troublesome than a smoldering rag but he could still hear the villagers trying to stop the blaze.

Kai flew through the woods he had known all his life, the thick trunks of the massive ironwoods quickly enveloping him as he cast himself further into exile. The child finally collapsed against one of the gray-brown trees, its smooth  bark cooling against his back. The long black hair that was almost always tied back now lay strewn across Kai's darkly tanned face and black ceremonial robe.  His chest pumped frantically for more oxygen as he lay in dismay.  Guilt and remorse and ripped through his mind with thrice the ferocity of  his flame wave.  Questions, there were so many questions. Was any one seriously hurt ? Killed ? Where am I going to go?  Will they come after me?

Kai knew without a doubt the answer to the last one. Yes!  They would never stop hunting him he was too powerful. To uncontrolled, a  tempest of flame.  There was no going back, he would not only be dowsed but  forever be an outcast in his own village, never to be trusted again.  His options were limited he could live in  a cave in the woods, there were quite a few but that was no life either. He must go to one of the other elemental clans.

The Terran clan were the closest and the friendliest with his tribe but that might not work in his favour as there was a good chance that he would be held for Master Tharyn to come and get him. The Wind Riders lived high in the mountains and he would have to go back toward his village to get there. That left the Water Lords, even the name left a bad taste in Kai's mouth, so arrogant and pompous. While they were not enemies they were definitely not friends. The decision must be made quickly, the hunt was surely on.

The End

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