Kai fails and is stripped of his powers

Kai's focus on the the candle becomes singular, only this one little candle exists at this moment. To light it would take the smallest of efforts. Kai merely blinks and the candle is lit. He turns slowly to his left lighting each candle in turn. Each moment an eternity in itself. Kai starts to feel ashamed that at any time he was unable to accomplish this disgustingly easy test. If he was supposed to be so great why would they issue him this trivial test.

Kai stops lighting the candles about half way through. The crowd who had all been smiling and joking, having no doubt that Kai was going to pass the test, suddenly became silent.  The young Weaver continued to circle,  looking up at his people and taking in their adoration, feeling he deserves it. He stops as he once again faces Master Tharyn. Staring into his Master's eyes, Kai watches a smile of pride turn into a look of uncertainty and even perhaps a touch of fear. Without taking his eyes off of his teacher Kai gives a small smirk and flings his right arm back behind him. All of the remaining candles light at once, the village erupts in applause and cheers but the look on Tharyn's face turns to anger and fear, he knows what is about to happen but not sure if he can stop it.

Kai soaks in the worship for but a moment before he sets small candle flames into towering licks of flame instantly melting not only the candles but the stands they were on as well. He knew he had just failed the test but he could not make him self care any more than he had been able to make himself stop destroying the candles. The people who had been rushing in to congratulate Kai all fell back in terror as a wall of fire surrounded the powerful young Flame Weaver.  The elders and other  Weavers try to take control of Kai's flames and at first the wall only seemed to become larger and hotter but there were too many of them and soon the wall of fire was gone. Kai's eyes were no longer the deep shade of green they had been but now were a fiery, reddish-orange that consumed the entirety of his eyes.  The colour even seemed to shift in intensity and colour.

A face that had once been innocent was lost to a face of rage and hatred. How dare they touch his flames. Kai focused all of his rage onto the one person, the person who he had not stopped glaring at since he erupted the candles. A funnel of flame streaked toward Master Tharyn but was quickly extinguished by the the village Flame Weavers. Kai sent a flurry of fire streams in every direction, all of them controlled and extinguished. The Fire-Swords formed a circle around Kai and the Weavers another outside of the swordsmen.

Master Tharyn finally spoke, " Kai you have proven yourself untrustworthy and undeserving of being a Flame Weaver. Your power though indeed immense  obviously controlled you much more than you it. It is therefore my duty to have you dowsed so you no longer know the warmth of the inner spark."

Kai's fire coloured eyes shifted back to their original green and he collapsed to the ground, " Master Tharyn, I am sorry, I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to hurt anyone."

"I know Kai and I am sorry we must do this." The Master looked at his fellow Weavers and with a sigh, " Let the dowsing begin."

Streams of flame shot at Kai from every Weaver, not to harm but to draw all of the spark out of the failed Weaver. Kai screamed, not from physical pain but from the anguish of losing the inner spark he had known all his life. Tears streamed down his face as well as most of the Weavers as they stole his spark. It was over in a few moments but to everyone in the village it seemed to last much, much longer.

Kai was left shivering in a heap where he lay as the circles broke apart. Kai's mother ran to her disgraced son and carried him back to their hut. Kai had never known such cold. His teeth chattered and his body shuddered even though the day was very warm. His mother covered him with all the blankets they had and left him to sleep.

Kai awoke suddenly, feeling much too warm with all the blankets on him, he threw them off and stood up famished. Strange he thought, all the stories he had heard spoke of the dowsed being near death for several weeks and only eating when it was forced upon them. Kai went to find food, not knowing that his eyes had once again turned into dancing flames.

The End

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