Kai passes the test

Feeling gently for the tingle in his finger tips, he began to sweat... nervous... Get this wrong and he would engulf his teacher in fire.

Maybe that was the idea, to prove he was safe and could be trusted he must not harm the teacher who trusted him most.

Taking a deep breath... slowly... concentrate on a flicker, see the candle lit, visualise just as he had been taught.

As he brought forth fire his hand shook, the need to be more... almost more than he could bear... but he controlled it. The great gift that flowed through his veins did not control him — he controlled it!

Success.. the candle alight... only the candle.

Now for the rest... don't rush... steady... breathe... take your time.

Suddenly there were no more candle to light... he had moved full circle and he hadnt even noticed. He teacher was beaming.

The crowd erupted with cheers... tonight there would be the biggest party in a long time.

The End

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