Chapter 2Mature

I hit the ground and instantly roll back up, to face Rory, who had dived for me on the ground and missed me. 

" Come one get up." I taunt as he stumbles forwards into a tackle.

I jump above him , and kick at his head.  He drops back onto the not getting up anytime soon on his own.

" Did he just take Rory out?"  One of his followers say.

" Yeah, do you wanna go to?" I ask quite happy to take another kid out, now that I was in the mood. 

" We'll do it together."  One says and then they all charge.   With grace , I walk forwards catchin a kid the face and kicking another kid in the chest then uppercutting him.  The last kid goes get me in a head locke but just grabs my arm  he goes to kick but, I'm in the air feet above my head I come down in smooth arc and twist his arm off me.  I hit the ground smoothly and spin kick him to the ground.

I just begin to walk away looking back at my boring school then an overlapping beautiful marble palace. I think my own worldshould bein this world for everyone else.  I begin to think about that orange haird figure just before I  beat those kids.

What exactly was that all about wake up , and the freezing of time? I followed the direction where the landscape well not the mordern day landscape but my world landscape turned to a crushed land. What happened here, it wasn't like this?

The End

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