Gate 1 present

I see this world I live differently then everyone else. Instead of seeing large metal building invading the sky. I see beautifully crafted marble building thats gently touch the sky gently. Of course I can also see the modern world but that take severe concentration. As the school ends, I grab all of my books and run. I hated school, I hate everyone in it they are all crapheads. Also because I stick out like a sore thumb in the crowd. My shining white hair for one , and my firey orange eyes. Everyone knowes i'm different, some fear it some want to fight it.

Sure I can put up a fight but its not worth the trouble. I get outside the front doors and run like a bolt. I stop though I feel familiar presence, I look up behind me. I see a man with a mess of orange haid and dark clothing blowing in the wind standing on the school roof. I stare for a moment, I swear I know that person. I blink and he disapears. I shake my head confused, stuff like this happens all the time but never with a famililar face.

" Oi , Lavi where do you think your going?"  I hear Rory's voice the little git.

" Non of your buisness pal, now why don't you run around with you little plastic friends?" I sneer. 

" Plastic! I'll make you need plastic surgery!" He instantly become enraged.  I really never understood why my insults got this idiot so riled it up. I found it really funny.

" Sure, whatever Rory." I turn to ignore. 

Suddenly time seems to stop , everything but the wind stops moving it begins to blow violenty. Now this has never happened to me before. I begin to look around everyone froze. What was going on? Behind me I hear footsetps, I turn around , nothing.  I look off distantly there was that orange haired figure agian. His eyes looking directly at me.

" wake up." I hear the deep voice he disapears and time restarts, a fist collides with my head.


The End

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