The Five Gates To Domination: Book OneMature

There is five gates to domination. As the an ancient script depicts only the pure of heart and good will can enter, and claim themselves the ruler of gates, and become a godlike being. Somehow though evil has found a way to domination. An evil being must not be born, but time is short.

The programmed ones meeting.

200 years ago

" Look, this has reached a level who fault this is it needs to be fixed. We can't be bickering at such a moment!"  A white hooded figure slams a beautiful glassy marble table in a room filled with light and marble pillars.

Voices drop down all eyes facing the white hooded figure.

" What do you suppose we do?" A oranged haired man clothed in black questions the white hooded figure.

" I don't know , but fighting amongst ourselves isn't going to help. They 're must be a failsafe  somewhere. " The white hooded figure shakes their head in despair.

" We were the failsafe! " The dark clothed man points out.

" Look I say we don't care we are perfectly safe , and leave everything else to its own demise." Another says greedely.

A tall lengthy figure walks into the room.

" Have you forgotten , there are other descentants of the previouse."

" Yeah scattered throughout the 4 gates.  The offspring of the abandonned." The greedy one critizes.  The white hooded figure  takes control of the situation.

" All of you search our for the descendants of the abandonned. Now , before complete annihilation."  

All 25 figures stand in salute.

" Sir yes sir. We shall reclaim the abandonned, and make the Order of Darius"  The lengthy man anounces.

" Yes the order of Darius." The white hood figure says, " Good luck remember time is short here. Time appears differently in the other gates."

The dark clothed orange haired, and darkly clothed figure walks up the white figure.

" If this doesn't work, what then?" 

" There will can be no failure. There isn't a doesn't." The figure says so violently her hood falls revealing long blond hair and womenly face,holding back tears, " Go now Kory. You of all of us would know the results of failure."

The End

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