The First World War

A story about the first world war

One day i was walking home from school and i saw a poster, it was about enroling for the war. 

Later that night i was eating tea with my family and i decided to descuse the matter with them. "Dad i wanna go to war" "absoulutly not, even if i said yes you wouldn't be allowed too." "Your too young" he said. " i dont care i want to go" i told him. He just replied with a "no". the next day i was walking home from school and saw a Enlistment office so i walked up to it, i told the man that i want to go to war. he said ok how old are you? i remember seeing on the poster that you must be at least be 18. so i told the guy there i was 18 turning 19 in a month and he belived me and gave the papers which i filled out. they were shipping the soilders out in four days.

The End

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