Chapter Nine: Loving lies and lying to love.

“Wh…what are you doing here?”

“What every teenager has endure, torture”, he laughed at his own joke.

It wasn’t funny, not in the least bit.

“But why here?” my breath was coming out in short uneven gasps, why was it such a surprise that this boy was attending the same school as me? well maybe it was because that he… “You said you will stay away from me, you know what this probably just another dream, it must have been the pollen in the air yesterday, I have a high allergy to pollen, yeah that’s it”.

“No it’s not”, he taunted in this sing song voice, yeah I was the one hoping for a normal life.

“You do not exist, so shut up”.

Shhh”, do librarians realize that they make noise when they do that, in my frustration I shot the librarian a look as he went back to his computer, probably shopping at PEDO’s ‘R’ Us.

“Can you please show me around the school, Myra?” fake annoyance laced his words, but the damned smirk was plastered on his lips.

“Let us just get over and done with”, I walked – stomped, same difference – and no matter how quick I tried to be, he seemed to magically go at the same pace at me, “That’s the gymnasium where there are a lot of pretty girls you can stick your tongue down, they have a very wide collection, Latina’s, Japanese GORGEOUS geisha girls, and even the whole blue eyed and blond!” I opened the door to the gym and entred. I instantly regretted it when a BIG volleyball came flying my way, I closed my eyes and braced myself for the painful impact, it never came.

I opened one eye to see Lucian holding the ball in his hand, it flicked it upward and made it spin on his index finger, he winked at me, and I was sure that my face looked like I had been sucking lemons all day.

“Thank you!”

“Oh I am so sorry Mira, I didn’t see you there”, a girl came, (one of the people I knew who hated me for being me, and I am certain she knew my name) she looked like the human version of Bambi with her big brown eyes and long lashes, her dark hair was put back in one of those done in purpose of looking messy and I haven’t taken a long time on it, when I have, kind of buns, “If it wasn’t for this attractive guy here you would have had your cute little nose bleeding”, she sounded someone who was trying to me mean but was being watched, yeah this defined perfectly what was happening.

She sent Lucian a coy look, and purposely stuck her tongue out to lick her already moist lips, she smiled sweetly and grabbed the ball off of Lucian practically sticking her body to his, before skipping away. If she shakes those hips any further she’s going to break something, I was surprised by the sarcastic voice which was taking residence in my brain.

I heard a chuckle, “Jealous Myra?”

“Of who?” I smiled up at him prettily (which looked insane) and skipped away, shaking my ass hard, I felt like I would fall over and stopped, I wondered how she did it, “so where to next?” I thought of all the things he might like to see, I usually sucked at meeting new people, but I kind of already knew Lucian so this should be different, right?

Then it clicked, I never was one for great mysteries but this was just too obvious, “Hey follow me, I know something you would love”, I ran down the hallway taking the correct lefts and rights to get to my destination.

We stood outside the blue door, I made a big show of opening the door, if her liked this he might leave me alone, “I present to you…”

“What is this? World of Warcraft?” he looked uncertainly around him at all the boys spending there free period on the computer playing the magical game, he looked kind of disgusted.

“You don’t know what World of Warcraft is?” I was a tad bit sceptical. It just wasn’t fair, he should have said ‘Thank God!’ and swooped down on the chair and start playing on one of the screens quicker than you can say ‘Mississippi’ and be forever in debt so I can tell him ‘leave me alone’ and he would be too addicted to WoW to notice.

“No, and I don’t know why you showed it to me”.

“Yeah, but you can start playing it, and get addicted and leave me alone, plus you remind me of a weirdo who would get easily addicted to this”, I frantically made hand gestures to the nearest screen where a little freshman was playing, he blushed when he saw us pointing at him.

“Well I won’t ‘get addicted and leave you alone’ as you said”, he walked out the room, the door closed behind him and I had a sick dread knowing this was going to be a long day.


“So is it true the new boy is like, really hot?” asked one of Miranda’s new friends.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am happy that my sister has made new friends but do they have to be so, well them? I tried to get into Miranda’s line of eye sight but she seemed to be ignoring me and I didn’t enjoy how they said ‘Like’, in every sentience. What was so hard about trying to find another synonym of like of another kind of connective other that ‘like’?

“Yes, he is”, I said, the girl seemed to like what I said as she squeaked and turned to her other friends and started to chatter away manically to the other girls who were like her. The Cheerleaders in my school I have learnt aren’t mean, they are actually really kind, but there were some girls who were just bitchy because they think they are above all other humans because, they are pretty.

After spending the whole morning with the devil I would know if he was hot or not, and it was practically obvious he IS hot, no matter how I deny. He had spent the whole morning trying to look interested at what I was showing him, but he always seemed to have one of his eyes on me. Probably keeping track and making sure I didn’t run away. But did he have to brush up against me at every chance he got?

It wasn’t fun, after brush I would be left tingling and feel even more guilty.

“So do you want to get out of here as much as I do?” while Me and Summer had been eating, Miranda had swarmed in with the other Cheerleaders, they quickly spotted us and came to sit next to us, but me and Summ sat on a small table and thought we got away easily but they just got another table and placed it near ours using their inhuman Cheerleader strength.

“Yes”, I discreetly got my bag and was about to get up when Miranda saw me, “Me and Summer are going to leave” she nodded and went back to her conversation about the game against Carson’s next Friday.

I might see Lee there, it was a away game.

“God! I couldn’t get out of there quicker, if I never hear a conversation about pyramids it will be too soon”, her skirt brushed my jean clad thigh, and I laughed at what she said concentration on the floor as I drank my juice.

Should I tell Lee, or shouldn’t I tell Lee?

“Oh great you’re in ‘Myra the witch’ land”, she let out a sigh taking me out of my reverie.

“Myra the witch?” Crap a doo dee doo.

Lisa Marchal.


I have known you my whole life

When you were ten you said you'd make me your wife

And eight years later you won me over only

Just to…

<The veronicas ‘in another life’>

I smiled up at him, again he was talking about something that wasn’t even remotely important to me but I just loved to see his mouth move with every syllable he pronounced, his body moved with everything he said.

“You’re mad Adams”, I laughed.

“No seriously haven’t you ever thought of a zombie invasion?”

“No! I don’t really spend time thinking how to overcome a zombie invasion”, I whacked him on the chest, in the past 2 years, my friend – and the boy I had been infatuated with since god knows when – had changed a lot with puberty.

In good way.

“Why not? What you going to do when they come? Wait for the government?”

“That’s the plan, like a civilian”, I smiled.

He suddenly stopped moving and stared at me, his eyes bore into mine with such an intensity I was scared and giddy at the same time.

“Lisa, I know we’re friends, but”, all the wrung round my mind was, YES! YES! YES!, he sucked in a big breath and carried out, “do you think that asking a girl to the cinemas and a dinner later is a good approach to the modern ‘date’?”

“Yes! It definitely is”, that was so romantic, movies and food! And he was asking to see if I liked it in subtle way, his blue eyes sparkled with what I said, I loved him and always will.

‘Forever & Always LL’, that was the quote tattooed on the side of my hip discreetly, no one would ever find it without looking for it, I even knew the name of our children for christ’s sake!

“That’s perfect because you’re a girl and she’s a girl!” she? My lungs felt like they were caged in, “She is so marvellous, you have to see her, she is the coolest person you could ever meet!” as he boasted, my eyes filled with tears.

“Wow Lee! God Adams I never thought I’d see the day you turned into a man”, I slapped him – harder than usual – on the back, pretending to smile as my heart broke itself in two.

Teenagers filed the spaces in between us, my skirt felt like it was floating on my hip, like all my other skirts, I liked the way it shimmered round my hips, many of teenagers stopped to enter their classrooms.

I and Lee just stood there in free range in front of everyone to hear, my top clung to me so much that it felt like one of the corsets I wore on Halloween last year.

“You know your muscles are bigger than mines cheerleader, you don’t have to prove it”, he joked pretending to fall onto the locker like I socked him like I wanted to, one thing I had learned from being a teenager was that you never – NEVER – cry when someone tries to insult you, you take it in mildly and smile gracefully.

“Whatever Adams, I need to get to practice now, bye”, I said trying to pass by him as I wanted to cry my heart out into one of the toilets, and no way was I going to do in front of the boy who always got the truth out of me somehow.

I left Lee standing there as I raced down the hallway, my skirt and shirt billowed behind me, I felt as if I could fly, but I knew I couldn’t, it was just a feeling, a good feeling. I wasn’t warm and fuzzy inside but I wasn’t exactly all edges and spikes either.

I finally reached the toilets, my legs suddenly buckled under me, I closed the doors of toilets behind me, and using the keys I had stolen of one of the cleaners. The lock itself clicked into place.

Making sure I hadn’t locked myself inside with some PEDO I checked all the toilets before I went back to stare at the mirrors, the blotchy fat face just stared back at me, I pinched my cheek, I swear I could hear the fat vibrating inside.

I stared back at my body, in all its disgust. I hated it, no matter how many times I trained and puked but it obviously made no difference, I scowled moving to one of the empty toilets to do one of the things that made me feel instantly happier.

Crouching down so my head was level with the toilet I took out little plastic stick, I slid it down my throat making sure it jiggled the back and sides of my throat. The organ convulsed with the pressure of the plastic stick, almost instantly the sour liquid dropped out of my mouth, it was calming, well to me anyway.

I left my head roll onto the side of the toilets, it hit the wall, I wanted to just get up and ditch school but that wouldn’t be fair on the girls, I had promised them that I would be here today at the meeting.

I cleaned myself and disposed of the plastic stick, I had dozens of them anyway.


“So anyway, I really don’t think it was cool, I mean how can any boy be so heartless as to stand you up after you slept with him? I mean it was kind of her fault to, I mean that’s just silly, giving it all in after a week, everyone knows you wait for 2 at the least”, My best friend droned on, even though I totally agreed with her I couldn’t help but stare behind her.

I carried on doing the stretched I had been trained to do since I was 4, my mum used to be head cheerleader, as was her mum, as was her mum... get the picture?

I was trained to be blonde and thin, but I didn’t turn out right, I had dull blonde hair and am fat as a cow, there was nothing good looking about me, I leaned back, my back curved as I did a successful back flip, I did it again this time holding myself so both hands and legs were touching the ground.

I looked at Reese again, she looked weird upside down, but still beautiful, she should be the cheer captain but she was too stupid, or too ditzy to realize it, “Oh Lisa you are so thin, look at your stomach and ass, you would be a killer model or something else like that”, I looked to my pudgy stomach, it wasn’t covered as I had been stretching.

I flipped back and pulled down my shirt shooting daggers to Reese, she was taking the piss out of me again, she knew I was fat, and she knew my ass was bigger than the fucking moon.

“You could be such a bitch, y’know”, I said, she gasped and walked away, most of the cheer leaders had gathered, I started the roll call to see who was here. Every single one of them was present, well of course, it was Tuesday day, we shared the field with the foot ball players, what a good way to seeing the boys flex and train, and what a better way of seeing the girls dance in short skirts.

“Okay so girls! Who here knows how to do back flips?”, most of them put their hands up, “Without any aid”, most hands went down tentatively, others stayed up, thin limbs and French manicured fingers proudly in the air.

“Well the people who do know how to do back flips help the people who can’t”, I went to my bag and took out a bottle of water, fresh cold water. No calories. My kind of drink.

I spotted Lee, the water came out my mouth and trailed down my neck to my collar bone, it slipped into the valley in between my breasts, “How I wish I could be water right now”, said a annoying voice behind me.

“Fuck off jock”, his breath touched me as he chuckled, I spun around and was going to kick him in the balls when he grabbed my leg and pushed me against the tree, his disgusting lips pressed onto mine, I wanted to scream, but knew it was no use, no one would hear me, I had place my bag behind the bushes and that was near a mile away from practise.

“That’s right no point screaming, just you and me, make the best of it Lisa”, his other hand which wasn’t gripping my thigh slid up my other thigh, I cursed the cheer skirts for being too short, “Do you know what you do to me?”

when I didn’t answer he grabbed my hand and lead It to his crotch, I wanted to cry but took advantage of his vulnerable position, “Big isn’t it? Oh for god’s sake Lisa you know you want this too”, I smiled coyly at him, and stroked his bulge then garbed it with such force I knew I was turning raisins to pancakes.

His face was contorted with anger as he looked down at me, “Bitch you’re going to pay for that, he grabbed me by the shoulder and pushed me down, he unzipped his jeans and I was face with his dick which looked disgusting, “go on, what you waiting for? Your too much of a whore to look at me like that, and you know how I could make your life more worst if you don’t”, I instantly opened my mouth and sucked, doing what I had done millions of times, but it always felt weird.

“Oh god...you are... yeah like that...FUCK”, I felt repulsed as a salty substance rushed into my mouth, before I could spit it back out, his dick roughly went to the back of my throat causing me to swallow, I looked back up and saw him smiling at me.

“You know they are right, you are worth the AID’s”, he laughed and went back out, I crept behind the tree and started what I wanted to do the whole day, I cried and puked out the disgusting liquid which had been forced down my throat.

“Lisa...” Lee. Shit.

I plastered on a smile and wiped my mouth, “Hey how are you Lee?”

“Not as bad as you Lis, what happened?” thank god he didn’t see anything.

“Oh nothing just... the school isn’t going to help us with new cheer suits for the game against John’s and that stupid cafeteria lady gave me cheese”, I tried to looked like I knew my life sucked, “can you believe that, my day just keeps getting worst and worst-er, and most of the girls can’t even to back flips!”

“Oh well Karma hun, Karma, I'd love to stay and chat but I have got a date tonight”, look at least he said ‘hun’ and ‘love’ to you.

“So where are you going?” I got up and leaned against the tree, I was surprised the tree didn’t fall with my weight.

“The cine’s then to a romantic dinner at mac and dee’d or burger king”, I smiled thinking of how much better his and mine date was going to be when we went out on our date, “You know what’s crazy Lisa?”

That you would lower yourself to someone other than me? “No?” I tried to shut my thoughts off.

“That I have only known this girl for a couple day and I already think I am in love, have you ever been in love Lisa, let me tell you it’s brilliant, you feel like running and screaming and spend the whole day waiting to talk to that person and when you do you want to cherish it forever, and you fly whenever you so much as see them from like a mile away”.

I know I am in love. I thought.

“You are with who?” shit.

“What do you mean?”

“You said you were in love with someone”, fuck.

“No I didn’t”.

“Yes you did”, Fuck me slowly with a chainsaw.

“Well I didn’t mean to say that out loud, but I will tell you this, I am in love with the person I have known since pre-school, the person who put yellow paint in my hair when I said my hair wasn’t yellow enough, that Lee is the person I wait the whole day to see”, I saw his eyes turn to shock then to regret.


I grabbed my bag and left before Lee could follow, and even if I did, I would still have been able to out run him, what in the name of holy shit have I done?

I left him there calling after me, I went back to cheer practise, there was the stupid jock, I went up to him and kissed him with everything I had, right now I needed a boyfriend, even if he couldn’t spell to save his life.

When I let him go, I stared into his eyes, “So M weren’t you going to ask me out?” he looked at me confused I just nodded my head, in a yes.

Yes?”he asked a bit tentatively, I nodded my head a bit more vigorously, “YES!”

Thank god, this was going to be easy, if only there wasn’t that pain in my heart.

Lee the worst thing about love is that it is like a drug, whenever there is a high there is a low. And with everything you give to it, it hits back at you tenfold, and when the person you love so much as looks at you the wrong way you feel like the lowest scum on earth. That Lee is the love you gave me.

Hi well enjoy, this chapter back to Myra’s POV, I will be editing this story, some of you will have noticed how many spell up I do, as some might have noticed, I am more of a writer and imaginer than an editor.

The End

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