Scowling & Smirking.Mature

Chapter Eight : Scowling & Smirking.

“So Marvin met Lee. How did that go?” Miranda stormed into the room, in another outfit, she twirled around in the full length mirror, and the red tee seemed to define all her features, all of them.

“Awkward, strange, what else do you expect me to say?” I peeled of the dress I had been made to wear the whole day, what was strange was that never once did Lee actually tell me that I looked good in the dress, not that I needed his compliments to feel good, it was just that they would have been appreciated.

“Marvin has been off his bike more than lately, well since I saw him last”, she chuckled at the encounter she had with Marvin when she came home.

Poor Marv, he didn’t see it coming. The second Miranda had came home that day Marv went completely had lost every bit of sanity he had in his insane mind. Miranda had walked in while Marvin had been trying to read a mystery/crime novel, and shouted out BANG causing Marvin to jump in his seat and fall over on to the floor, hearing all the noise I quickly came into his suite to find – A HUNDRED – shopping bags all over the floor along with many of the clothes that fell out of the bags, and Miranda in the midst of it all writhing on the floor laughing like a hyena/banshee at Marvin who had landed in a strange position.

Lee was also there, he was leaning on the doorway laughing at the crime scene, It was normal as normal go around here.

“Did you really have to do that to Marv? You know how he always gets too deep into the story, and I think he still believes that there is a conspiracy team still out there to come and kill him”, I had slipped into my pyjamas easily, and was on the bed looking at Miranda pose in the mirror.

“It was a joke. He laughed” he didn’t, he had chuckled sarcastically and mumbled something horrible under his breath.

“Yeah I guess. I swear you have your own room”, Subtle, real subtle.

“I do”.

“Do you want to go to your own room, it is after all nearly midnight”, Hinting that’s all.


“Miranda”, I threw a pillow at her head, it obviously missed, “Get out!”

“Okay! I’m getting out, don’t have to tell me twice, I was getting bored of you anyway”, she chuckled at her pathetic comment.

I quickly got up, and went to the window, years of practice had made me an expert at climbing down the wall, well all you really had to do was to jump onto the tree, It used to be the tree me and Myra always used to climb so it wasn’t hard to climb down.

I was wearing gloves, and before you ask ‘why the hell is she wearing gloves in summer?’, I would like to tell you that I don’t like being told by this ladder exactly what happened years ago.

I jumped down the tree landing soundlessly onto the grass, well technically Me, Summer, Charlotte and Miranda used to climb this tree, but no use lingering on the past.

I started to run, past the forest that covered my home, and into the fields. The golden flowers seemed to shine in the moonlight, it was something beautiful, the sky was clear of any clouds and there was a warm breeze.

“What are you doing?” my blood curdled, it was that same soft voice, it was mocking and thoughtful.

Goddamn it! Myra Danning does not run away from her problems.

I willed myself to stand up to my stalker, I have had enough of having those dreams, if that wasn’t bad, whenever I went out for privacy he would be there, and my dreams had started to become more persistent and chilling. They weren’t scary just a tad bit…

“I am outside to talk to you”, my heartbeat increased, my intuitive told me to run, my mind told me to stop being such a pussy and my hormones were swooning at the very sight of him, though he didn’t have a normal appearance he definitely knew how to pull it off.

“I am here aren’t I?” he seemed to find something amusing.

“Yes, Look I don’t know who you are –“

“Lucian Crest”.

“What? You know it’s rude to interrupt someone”.

“You now know who I am, and I in turn already know you, Myra”, okay tell me this isnt scary, how does know me? and why is he looking at me like I was a circus freak?

Because you are a circus freak, freak.

Oh, yeah I forgot about that.

“Right, stop looking at me like that!”

“How am I looking at you?” he smiled – no he smirked! Yes he had the cheek to SMIRK at ME, Well I wasn’t the one who had been stalking people!

“You know! Can you please stop being such a bastard and listen to me!”

There was something about him that immediately ruffled me up, “I can assure you Myra that I was not born out of wed lock”.

“Can you stop saying my name”, I knew I was being childish but he diserved ever single bit of it, he was doing this on purpose.

“Why?…Myra” his lips curled on the side, it put me on edge immediately.

“You know what this was just a big mistake! I am going home!”

“Oh come now, I didn’t mean all of it, but you are amusing!”

“Your right, I came here to make a point and I will make it, I have had enough of having sleepless night because of you –“

“Oh I didn’t know you were so affected by me”, he joked.

“I didn’t mean it like that! You know exactly what I mean and I would appreciate it if you would stop coming into my dreams”.

“Maybe I don’t enter your dreams, maybe it is you who dreams of me”, I couldn’t help the blush in my cheeks, for all I know he might have been right…except.


I was breathing in deeply, there was something about him that I just couldn’t pin point, but it just didn’t go in well with my powers, I still wanted to know what exactly was this guys problem, he started chuckling then and there. Oh the nerve of it all, how dare he, I was going to tell him exactly what I thought about all of his idiocy when I was met with his lips touching mine.

All coherent thoughts left my brain the second his soft lips came in contact with mine, My body was on fire… a hot internal fire burning me in a abbadon of lust, that was exactly felt like, his plush lips were warm, his hand were at the back of my head stroking my soft hair, it was the first time in my life that I wished I softer hair.

We suddenly were very close together, I knew that my whole body was plush against his, I could feel all of him all that was in between us was his soft cotton tee, and my whole body was alive, and I did mean, you know when you are excited, like fight or flight that was how I felt at that moment, and I was choosing to fight his kisses with my own. Whoever said you can’t fight fire with fire hadn't been kissed like this.

His hand left my hair to slide down my neck, collar and down my hands to my hands, the back up again trailing my sleeves with his, his hand touched the naked flesh of my arms, his hand were soft like silk, and they were as expertise as the ones of a musician, I had to stop a moan from coming past my lips. I was moaning? I replied his kiss with one of my own, I didn’t know I could my breath for so long, his hands trailed back down to grab my hands, they tingled, like really tingled, like putting you hand in fire and not feeling the pain just the heat.

If I thought that Lee could kiss… LEE!

I pushed him back, throughout the whole time I had been kissing him, I hadn't even once thought about Lee, this was cheating! Just one day and I was already cheating on him, this showed a great promise of a great relationship.

I looked at the culprit who had made me cheat on the one thing that was going great in my life, he was yet again smiling, I was breathing in deeply, from his kisses or from him – period – I didn’t know.

I raised my hand I was going to slap him when he looked me deep into my eyes and made me stop my course of action, it was unnatural, I stared at him back, the dark black flicks of his eyes seemed to be moving. I fought him back, mentally of course, this guy might not be built like a body builder but even I knew that he would probably beat the shi – sugar out of me.

“I will not be entering you dreams again Myra”, he stopped his intense stare, if I were to hit him now I knew that he would probably catch my hand, and I wasn’t sure this guy was the exact gentleman, he would probably hit me back.

“Yeah you do that, thank you, but about the kiss”, I hesitated, what would he say if I told him that I was in relationship at the moment? I mean I did kiss him back and all. I felt a blush come up my cheeks, even if I was in a relationship, he was a good kisser. Too good.

“Already forgotten”, he said with a smirk, but even I could see how his jaw hardened, biting my lips, I smiled back at him kindly.

“Thank you, it’s just that my life could become a bit more normal now”, I smiled at him, you know, the I am a crazy person on the loose who would like to thank you for helping me escape and now I am going to kill you, smile.

He nodded.

I turned and waved at him, and walked back to my room before Mir would notice that I had left, but luck had a way of turning things, the second I slipped into the room, falling into the room through the window and landing head first on the wooden floor, Miranda was there sitting on the bed petting one of my plush cats.


“No really summer she left of exactly one hour, returning into her room through the window with the biggest blush on her face…and she was wearing GLOVES!” Miranda told Summer the next day, they were both sitting in the back seats of Lexus, they had a formed a friendship after Miranda told Summer of the little scandal I had done.

“OH! She was wearing gloves! So that has to mean she was meeting someone, just who?” Summer questioned herself, doing one of those thinking poses by accident, “Do you think it was Lee?”

Miranda had told Summer about Lee too, nothing could have been kept a secret.

“No I would have heard his car if he did, HICK mobile”, she whispered the last part to Summer.

“I heard that!”

“GOOD! Who were you meeting Myra?”

“I didn’t meet anyone last night, I just went out for a breath of fresh air!”

“If you did go out for a breath of fresh air you would have used the front door, but you didn’t! you sneaked out, with GLOVES!” Miranda threw another accusation my way.

“And what is the problem with gloves, it could have been cold?”

“Sweet heart the only time its cold here is in winter! It is summer now, My birthday is soon, and what do you think we should do?” Summer mused.

“Summer! Stay on the subject”, Miranda told her, she would make a good General.

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Look there is school”, I parked in the nearest slot, I hadn't used the garage in a while now. not caring, I ran out the room throwing the keys to Miranda, “Lock it up”, I felt the dread knowing that it was going to be a long day at school today.

“Hey! Myra!” I turned, there near my locker was the image of the perfect high school student, Gem Harrison, Smart, pretty and involved in most of the extracurricular activities, what she was doing talking to me I didn’t know.

“Hi”, I said a bit tentatively.

“Do you know where your sister is? I heard she has been doing gymnastics and ballet since she was five and I wanted to know if she would like to join the cheer club.”

“Err,” I searched the hallways for my Sisters raven head, “I don’t know but you should ask her, look there she is”, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I slipped away as Gem went to talk to Miranda, she would hopefully be kept busy for a few minutes, I and Miranda had both been forced to do Ballet, musical instrument (we both had to learn the piano and violin), gymnastics, Swimming, and other unnecessary for people like me who are physically challenged by sports.

Though I was a bit good at swimming and music, other than that, I was book smart all the way.

I slipped into the class, taking a seat near the back and the door – unlike most classes English Lit. didn’t have a seating plan, so I was free to sit where ever – for an easy escape.

“Well class, we will be starting a new assignment, and who can guess what we shall be studying?”

“Porno?” the room filled with titters and cackles (Teens are evil. They don’t laugh they CACKLE)

at the half with who said it.

“No, and that is not suitable thing to say, in fact it does a bit or relevance to what we shall be studying, in fact, So put your hand up if you watch pornography here?” Mrs Dirk asked the class, immediately of the boys hands lifted up.

Summer who was sitting next to me rolled her eyes and lifted her hand, “Miss Dirk! Can I ask why it is that most of the boys here have watched porno and are proud but if a girl said she watched porno she would be down upon by today’s society,” Mrs. Dirks eyes gleamed as she looked upon her star pupil.

“That is an interesting point to make, in fact I would like to point out that even I sometime I watch porno”.

“That is interesting, Mrs Dirk but hardly appropriate”, said the principle, Mr. Fornik’s cheeks flushed nearly matching his red hair.

“Oh please Simon, you can’t possibly tell me you have never watched porno”, Dirk’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the blushing man, her white hair gleamed under the sunlight, her extravagant clothes and beads were reflecting off the sunlight.

“That is a highly inappropriate thing to ask Mel!” he leaned on Dirk’s desk trying to calm himself, when he finally did he made a show of straightening his gray suit, it was really strange thing to wear with his bright red hair. And he didn’t pull it off, “Miss Dirk I would just like to borrow Miss Danning for a second”, all the heads turned to me.

“Er, Sure Mr. Fornik,” I squeaked out.

I tried to make sure that I had done everything right, and I couldn’t recall anything wrong which I have done, unless Miranda…

“Myra, I have been looking over your file and I have noticed that you have not been in any extracurricular activity except for the photography and even there you haven't even participated as much…so I have concluded that you must be in the Welcome committee and as Lea has left you are now the chair ‘Welcomer’!” he guffawed gaily. Brokeback mountain Gay, “and how lucky you are that we have two new students this week… a Miranda Danning”, I didn’t dare try to point out that she was my twin, “and a… In fact you will meet him in a few minutes in the library and give him a tour of school, you don’t have to go to the next two lessons, Unfortunately Miranda came in yesterday and already got her tour, such a Star that girl is, I have a lot of hope for her”, he stared into space admirably, then looked back to me, and I could easily tell what he was thinking, “So Meena have you had time to meet Miranda?” he thought that just because I was a bit unsocial I didn’t know anyone.

“Yes I did! It’s Myra Danning, and I would just like to remind you that Miranda is in fact my twin, so I have met her, and my name is not Meena. It’s MY-RAH” I flashed him a pained smile and he in return shoved a hall pass into my hand and turned to go down the hall. His pudginess made his dignity walk look weird.

Shit I just pissed off the principle, great and only a year of school left.

I went back into class, I explained to Mrs Dirk where I was going and went to grab my bag, Summer grabbed my wrist when I reached for it, “where are you going?”

“I am now chair of the Welcome committee, and there is a new student waiting for his tour…”

“Oh, but aren’t you in the photography club?”

“Mr J ratted me out”.

“You should have done the debate team with me”.

“Hey Miranda is probably going to be a cheerleader”, I added trying to get off the subject.

“There goes my rep”.

I rammed my stuff into the locker, liking the clanging it made, why was I going to meet the new boy anyway? I took out my gloves and slipped them on, they were a peach lace so they looked a bit fashionable and less noticeable. And Vintage.

I made my way to the library, no one new, I noted.

I sat on one of the chairs near the entrance so I could easily spot anyone who came in, and took out my iPod, I instantly fell under musical trance, I scrolled through until I found what I was looking for, Fall Out Boy, could make me happy even if I was on my death bed.

I leaned back in the chair and stared at the door, I so badly wanted to close my eyes and get fully lost in the music, but thought better of it.

Should I tell Lee what happened?

Yes, he has the right to know you kissed another person.

Of course you tell him, and better yet tell him about your crush on Aiden when you were six and tell him about you freaky powers, that sure will make him treat you like a godess.

But honesty –

You’re not married to the guy you don’t have to tll him about everything!

I sighed out loud at the confusing voices, trust me to make any form of decision and you are as good as a mule in a horse race.

The door started to open, to reveal… Oh just another teacher I was sure had once teached me but I couldn’t remember their name, he indicated me to show him my hall pass, and I did taking out the red slip out of my pocket, he came over to check it, and walked back out the door when he was finished.

“So you must be the person who is going to be giving me my tour”, I turned with a feeling dread and excitement harbouring inside my stomach.

Instantly I knew my life would never be normal how hard I will ever try it will ner be normal, but hell I was going to make it normal! I wasn’t going to spend my life being the freak, I never wanted to be the freak, I wanted to be normal and I was certain that the person behind me with his Coca-Cola eyes was nothing near normal.

I sucked in a breath and was going to scream but remembered I was in a library. Damn it, I scowled and he smirked.

The End

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