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Chapter Seven: Shattered Glass

I stared out of the window, the rain just drizzled down like everything around me, I stared back at my book, the words just swirled together not making any sense, the doctor had told me about this, at some point I was going to start to lose the ability to read.

I huffed out and forced the letters to correct themselves, they obviously refused. How was it that I had survived all the strange world of Annie Mackenzie but the second I am face with a petty illness I fold? Was I not the man who survived an assassination? Was I not the man who used to be hunted just for the sake of it? Was I not the man every woman would open herself to? Quite literally, may I add?

How did I end up here? Marvin Mint was not a man which fell at a glance of flu! I was stronger than this, but I was not invincible…not like…but even they could not… FOFGODDSAKE! Marvin shut of those thoughts!

I tried to remember all the bitter sweet memories, the doctor had told me I had to try remember things to not to lose all my memories. I was immediately sucked into the past after the war had just finished but the one in China had just started.

Standing alone the young handsome man looked around to the bar which seemed to be packed with men just like himself, Young Fresh and very restless!

He grabbed a drink from the Barman, the barman himself felt very light hearted, he felt great joy to see all these young people toasting to their happy lives, it had been his dream to do this, to see all the people close to drunkenness but far enough from it to have good old fashioned moral fun.

But this man, tall with his fair hair back from his high forehead in what in those time was very fashionable, his clothes seemed to be so spiff that he had a hard time trying to guess what kind of man he was, but from his hard gaze he guessed that he was a sort of no fun all business man.

Quite a waste, he could achieve more if he had more fun.

Little did he know that the tall brooding man was in face suffering from a heartbreak so big it seemed to convulse his shoulders making them seem slack when it reality perfectly broad.

Cheer up Marvin’ they all called to the man.

This was supposed to be his engagement party to the woman of his dreams but in life had a way of twisting things, instead of his own engagement party it was his best friend’s, the woman he had loved his whole life had left him for another.

Michael Danning wasn’t as handsome or smart as Marvin, but he had something his Angel wanted, she had his heart and in return he had hers, and what did Marvin have? Shattered Glass.

The Brooding man stalked the bar, every so often he would ask for another drink, it was at his seventh drink that he noticed a pair of hazel eyes kept glancing at him every so often, they were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He caught them again, they were shining with the same emotion that he felt inside, but they were so innocent he felt as if he wanted to protect those eyes from all the dangers of the world, he started to walk towards the small woman.

How long had it been since he had a bit of female company? To long he decided

He walked up to the girl/ woman, her perfume took over his senses, it was a soft sweet scent, sort of a fruity smell, it wafted itself around her, a barrier against the stale stench of the bar.

Hey there’, it felt I had my breath taken out of me; her elfin features stared at my dark features.

Hello Marvin, I haven’t seen you in a while’ who was this minx?

May I ask who are you?’

Annie Lance,’ it was an answer so simple that had my life in her small palms.

This was the girl I spent my childhood running after only for her to move states, I had found her an I was never letting go, she was worth more than the Whore Angelica.

But I never did let go of Annie, she did.

I threw my drink across the room I didn’t know I was holding, it hit the fire place with a splintering sound, “Damn Annie why did you let go?”

This was the problem with remembering memories, you will always feel the emotion they held except intensified.

Almost immediately another one stormed my mind.

Standing at her vanity the young woman stared at her already perfect image, her fair lock woven around her head in what seemed to be a jigsaw, he was amused to know how woman did it.

So Angel when were you expecting to tell me that the child you harness is no mine,

Her shocked expression was reflected into the mirror, her doe eyes wide with the shock of someone seeing her at her most private of moments, it quickly vanished into her once again cool charming mask, which made it look like what you was saying was actually intriguing.

Oh Marvin, what a great surprise, I didn’t expect to see you so soon, some people would be afraid to show their face in public after what happened to you’


What a shame to, now if you don’t mind, my fiancé is waiting for me’, she exaggerated to who she was referring to.

He let her walk away, but not before the he oulled her by her wrists to him, her soft curves fitted into his hard panes in an uncomfortable way, ‘one day Micahel will see as you really are’

And pray tell me Marvin what am i?’

A Goldigging bitch’

Well that would put us at the same level now wouldn’t it?’

The beautiful young woman sauntered out of the rest room, head held high and her devilish tail plain to see to someone who had a keen eye.

It took Marvin years to realize what she was, and when he did he was afraid of the mistakes he had made,


We drove down the roads, I was starting to dislike Lee’s choice in music it was really something, the roads just zoomed past us, as I looked back they slowed down, “Where we going?” I asked needing to shout over music.

I had been searching for volume for hours (we’ve only been driving for 6 minutes) but when it came to old fashioned technology I was as lost as a rabbit in the middle of a pack of wolves.

“I don’t know, where do you want to go”, Lee touched the radio, and just like magic the sound wasn’t blaring as much as it was.

“Well this sucks”.

“It does,” there was an awkward moment where I and Lee thought where to go.

“The park?” I asked while he said, “Mines or yours?”

I stared at him, he couldn’t stare at me, as he was driving, so he couldn’t.

I saw a blush at his cheeks, why was he blushing?

“How about we go to the park then to mines, by the time we come back Miranda will be there”, he turned back to his natural hue of colour.

I stared out of the window, the passing tree’s seemed to blend in together, and the shops just were more scattered and rare now that we were out of town and a bit in the rural spots, I was transfixed by them.

Another song came on, I actually knew who sang this one, I wanted to scream hallelujah, finally something that was called R&B and I actually knew was on. The familiar lyrics and notes of Lil Wayne’s Prom queen went on, it blasted away.

“How do you put the Sound up?”

“Let me do it”, just like magic the sound went up, instantly my addiction to Lil Wayne was satisfied, but hell if I ever tell Summer about it, not that I was afraid of her... I was PETRIFIED, of her hand and mouth.

“So what... well how was school?” he asked stumbling about on his words.

“Great, do you really want to know about school?”

“Yes, we go to different schools, wait what school do you go to again?”

“Carson”, He went to Carson’s?


“Yeah why?”

“How is it? I always wanted to go to Carson”.

“It’s a school, which one do you go to?”


“I should have guessed, the rich kids school.”

“Hey! You can’t call me that!”

“It’s true though”.

“Yeah, but what does that make your school and the other schools in the district?”

“How do I know? The working class kids school, you know some people would give there eyes and hands to attend that school”, was he trying to make me feel good?

“And some of us would rather kill themselves than go to that school, ever thought about that?”

“Ooh someone is getting feisty” we stopped at a red light, he bent his his so I felt his hot breath all the way down my neck, it gently fanned around my collarbone, “I like it”, I felt his

Lips move on my neck, then I felt a little bite, it was pleasurable than it hurt.

It felt strange, but in a really good way.

“Just drive”, I urged him to look back up through the window, I felt his chuckle near my ear, I

Felt a ZING on it, then heat matted it, I knew I was blushing before I actually was blushing, the tips of my ears were red, and I knew it.

“Yes my Lady”, the lights had changed and we were once again charging down the roads, cars were becoming rarer by the minute.

“Where are we going?”

“Would you believe me if I said I think we are lost?”


“So you and that girl are twins?”

“You can leave now,” I told the jock, his face crinkled with confusion.


“Because I am busy now”, I huffed out, it was so tiresome keeping up this image I wish she would just get the fairytale out of her head, some of the extraordinary weren’t superheroes, they preferred to be Villains.


“Okay take the left here, and follow this road”, me and Lee had given up trying to go anywhere and opted to go back to my house, we weren’t far from it anyway. As my home came into view Lee let out one of those appreciative whistles.

“Where do I park?”

“Oh anywhere, it’s not like the neighbours will complain”, I joked.

“Right, this looks like something out of cribs.”

I laughed at that, when I looked at it from his point of view I guessed it did look like that, but to me it looked like it always had, dark and in the midst of mourning the great looses which has plagued my childhood, with no answers to who I was.

Sometimes it sucked being me, not like there was anything special about me.

“To me it looks like something out of a Rice or Stoker novel, I don't know about you but if I just saw it out of nowhere it would the beejee’s, not remind me of Mtv!” I thought about those gothic novels, Vamp stuff, not witch stuff so technically I should have said...


“Hey Miranda’s home” he pointed towards my prized car.

“Yeah she is, come on lets go in, what time do you have to leave again?”

“Anytime before 10, kicking me out already?”

“Well Marvin doesn’t like guests”, I hesitated at the front door to tell him this hesitantly.

“Well that dog is going have to get used to me, and shouldn’t we be more worried about your parents?”

I chuckled, everyone always seemed to walk on egg shells around me whenever my parents where ever mentioned, “I wish,” I meant it with ever cell in my body.

“Let’s get this show on the road then”, the clicked open, and I was immediately was met with pale lifeless eyes.

“MARVIN! How are you?”

“You have a visitor”, I hated it when he turned a question to statement, like he was doing now.

“Yes I do, This is –“

“Not the boy, What is she doing here? Wasn’t it clear when… Who is he anyway?”

“Well this is Lee…” Marvin stared at me expectantly “My boyfriend”.

I wish I could say all hell broke loose but it didn’t on the contrary in fact, Tension built up but I would have preferred if all hell broke loose, it beat the way Marvin stared at me… sort of like he was disappointed. Why should he disappointed, it was normal for me… I felt a blush creep up me so I stopped that line of thought unless I wanted to explain to Marvin why I was red as a tomato.

“Hi” Lee stuck out his hand.

“If you expect me to shake that, you don’t know a single thing about me boy, I am sick, know if you don’t mind me I will have the company of my smokes and drink and mourn over everyone who has left me, while La ‘Playboy’ Lapin here frolics around on the anniversary of her Aunts deaths”, he walked determinedly back to the dark Living room.

“Oh Myra there is only two weeks left, then he will come. If he hasn’t already”, before I could ask what he was talking about his door shut with a click, signifying that he had locked his door.

The End

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