Meet me at Starbucks.Mature

Chapter 6: Meet me at Starbucks.

I felt my breath come in short gasps as I noticed the beautiful name on my cell phone, I flipped it open, I put it to my ears, I loved his voice, I loved as it was low and just awesome!

“Hey, Myra?”

“Yes?” I had to bite my lips to stop the girly giggle which fought its way to my mouth.

“Err… Do you want to go to the err… to the… THE PARK”, was that the best he could come up with? “Not that you have to go but I would appreciate if you did come, my sister has bugging me to take her, I promised that I would and I was wondering if you would…”

I should have figured it out way before! How could I have been so stupid? Of course he wasn’t interested in me! He just wanted a stupid enough girl to believe that he was interested in her to drive him around! I was his personal chauffeur! And the bonus, he gets to ride in style.

“Lee, I don’t think I could go and I don’t think that you should call me anymore”.

What was the worst was that I was dumb enough to actually believe him, now that hurt. There I was floating around finally thinking that my fairytale had finally begun, what a stupid girl! I should have known better.

And you know what, I – personally – blame his eyes, it was those blue eyes that had captivated me, they way the shined in the rain, and his black as coal lashes flicking like his brown hair, I felt my eyes moisten and a wet drop slid down my eyes.

“Myra! What did I do? I swear Myra I am not forcing you to come, if you don’t… Damn Myra I thought you were into me, maybe I read the signal wrong, I’m sorry if I did, but something clicked when I saw you, Myra if you don’t want to be… well whatever the hell I was thinking, you could have said so… I’m sorry, for however I came to you”, how pathetic he couldn’t even say that he was using me.

“WHAT I AM SAYING YOU FOOL, IS THAT I AM NOT YOUR PERSONAL CHAUFFEUR! God Lee I am sorry but I also thought…ugh, whatever”, I slammed my phone shut; I tried to dry the tears that just kept of falling like they were never going to stop.

“Myra, hurry up! I swear do you think that I am warm in this top? Of course not I ah – “

She stopped when she caught site of me, instantly her eyes slitted, her cat-like face looked harsh, “Come on then Mademoiselle Patience”, trying to wipe her expression with a obvious to anyone fake laugh.

“What happened?” she growled.

I always knew that Miranda was protective, but this was just stupid, I was stupid! Crying over a BOY? What happened to me? It was not like that I loved the boy?


“Of course not, you just decided to cry for no reason”.

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”.

“Great, obviously I am stupid because in my mind someone has to have a reason to cry”.

“Not now Miranda”, why couldn’t she just drop it?

“When then?”

“Just not now”, I opened the driver door of my car, it must have been enough for Miranda because she opened her door, she slid in gracefully as I watched her, my head leaning on the steering wheel, my tilted as I stared at her.

She was very pretty, it was so weird that I actually a look alike of this goddess, I loved the way her hair just rolled down her back, loved the way her brows were sharper when she was angry. Just to think I could look like her was silly to me.

I was never meant to be pretty, I was the FREAK.

That should be enough for me, “What are you looking at?”


“What’s so damn interesting that you are looking at me like I don’t exist, am I transparent again?” her silvery brown eyes darkened at the thought.

“No. Transparent?”

“I found my special power, nothing compared to your though witch,” she smiled.

“I am not a witch”, I said as I started to rev up the engine.

“No, you just do spells and make things appear and disappear”, her voice tinkled with disbelief, at what I dint know.

“Okay, but let’s talk about this transparent thing again”, I flipped on my indicator.

“Our home is the other way”.

“Coffee, but go on, you were talking about the transparent thing”.

“No I was not you were, but anyway, it was so cool. One day I really wanted to go out the hospital, but they wouldn’t let me, for my health – I swear Myr all you have to do accidentally take too many pills, then BANG you are in a – “

“Miranda it was way more that that”

“Yeah, I know, do you want to listen to this or not?”


“Okay as I was saying they wouldn’t let me out I mean there was this party I heard a girl was talking about, and I decided that I should go, but the doctors saw me sneaking out and I just wished that I could disappear, and it was so cool! He was looking at me, but he didn’t see me”.

“Wow, better than my story”, I joked as her eyes sparkled, “Didn’t know you were such a party girl”.

Her eyes went big and shiny, they glazed over as she bit her lower lip.

“I love parties”.

I laughed, “Wow you have got some nerve, and I can’t go to a party and not know the person”.

“I guess, but now you have me”.

“What does that mean?”

“What it means is that we are going to be out every Friday and Saturday! I mean some people can’t go out because of their parents!” her tinkle of her laugh.

“What about Marv?”

“I’m ‘Lady Invisible’”, she boasted.

“Yeah you just told me, but what does that have to do Marvin?”

“Are you simple? If Marvin tried to catch us he won’t even be able to see us”, I felt very stupid, let’s just leave it at that.

“Now I see, but you can’t be that horrible to Marvin”, I stared straight ahead of the road, there was all this traffic, though it was rush hour there had never been this much traffic, something was strange, “damn Rush hour”.

“Careful or that might actually happen”, she took a compact and stared at her lips, all her things seemed to magically appear, or she was just really quick.

“Hush you, or I will damn You-UH”, I felt something, it just didn’t seem right, like when you walk down a dark alley in the middle night? Something bad was going to happen.

I looked back at Miranda, she was busily doing her eyes when they rounded, she stared out the window, I heard BEEPS all over the place, when I looked back out the window, I realized exactly what had happened. The big queue of car had disappeared, leaving in its place a clean street.

“What the fuck did you do?” I just sat their dumbfounded, I started to drive at some point though, because I doubted the people behind me would be compromising, the rush hour was enough.

“I DON’T FUCKING KNOW!” I felt my voice scream, where the hell did all those people go? Shit!

“Wow you are swearing, you must be seriously pissed, anyway I got invited to some party this Friday, it’s going to be kind of gay house party but what else can we do? It’s not like I could get a fake ID’s”.

“Do you seriously think of partying when I have just made a mile of cars disappear?”

“Don’t exaggerate! It wasn’t that much”, she looked at her reflection, the tip of her tongue licked the top of her lip, and how could she be so blasé at a time like this?

“Yeah whatever, we’re going have to get them back, and if we don’t we’re not going to go to that party, and don’t think you can disappear I will but you into a box, is that understood?”

“Yes. You know you have changed”, her gaze swept my features from head to toe, her expertly done eyes thoughtful.

“How so?”

“You’re bossier and way bitchier!” she said haughtily.

“Likewise, except you’re way more ho-ier”

“And you know it, ooh look, there is our shop, hey do you mind if I do shopping?”

“How long are we going to be, if so let me just get a soyfee”.

“Ugh, Soya?”

“In lent I gave up Dairy products, Alpro is addicting”.

“Whatever”, she jumped out the car.

I jumped out the car, I heard a gasp and realized what I had done. I had forgotten that I was in a dress, and I was pretty sure I flashed a lovely image, to whoever was watch, not that people should watch me anyway.

I looked at who gasped, standing a couple of meters in front of me was Lee, his blue eyes big saucers and a blush over took his whole face, “Yo Bitch! What’s the hold up?”

Miranda came round, staring at the boy with a blush in front of her, quickly his embarrassment turned into one of confusion, his eyes slanted, and eyebrows knotted up as he stared from me to Miranda.

“Oh so you’re Lee, Right?” Miranda walked in front of me, she stood gazing up at him, her eyes looked murderous to me, but her calm exterior was exactly what was the thing which worried me, a lot, he looked at her for a second then in a second he whipped past her so quickly that a look of surprised crossed Miranda’s usual poker face.

He was in front of me in a couple of seconds, his eyes so solemn it brought tears to my eyes, “I’m so sorry for whatever I did, I’m sorry for my own breathing if that is what bothered you, and I’m sorry if you don’t like me but I like you and I’m…”

He bent his head his plush lips stroking mine, I felt his breath across my lips, my breathing hitched, as his lips formed around mine, and I felt electric, like my lips had a life of their own.

The electricity went through my lips, I eagerly responded, I liked the way his lips were like silk against my own, I liked the way his hand sat peacefully on my waist, sort of possessive but not much.

I pulled back a bit, staring at his clouded eyes, lighter than usual, “I think I’m falling”, he muttered against my own lips, they brushed and I felt a jolt, it was a nice warm jolt though, I bit my lower lip. As I did so my teeth his lips and I also liked the feel of that.

“You’re standing, silly” I replied, my usual voice husky and femininely gruff, it felt rough.

“He means he’s falling in love with you stupid!” Miranda shouted behind me, I jumped right into Lee’s waiting hands, it felt weird to have my body squeezed against his, though he had strong arms, my breasts were squished against his chest.

In fell back with a gasp, I had felt…

“Oh my god! You have a…”

Miranda’s cackle could have been heard miles away, she stood there with her eyes misting up with forthcoming tears of laughed as my cheek blazed themselves, it was the most awkward thing known to man…well women anyway.

“Really? I didn’t notice”, Lee groaned out sarcastically, his face was twisted as he stood their concentrating on something I didn’t know about, I saw a sweat break out of his forehead.

“So Lee, What are you thinking of? Me and Myra here were going to go to Victoria’s secret and try on a few lingerie, see we’re running out of thongs and those beautiful lace bra’s, and after that we might get some garters. You know they say that the best tan is when you pour chocolate on top of your body, it blends in and gives you a natural glow, Can you imagine that Lee? Myra with Hot melted chocolate all over body”, Miranda purred, Lee’s face got more intense, it was too…

I looked somewhere away from his face, my eyes slid down to his legs without me knowing, I internally yelped.

The bulge in his jeans was enough to take anyways concentration, I caused that?

“Lee do you want to wait in the car as we get a Coffee at Starbucks?”

He bobbed his head in agreement, “I’ll be in my car”, he just stood there, “You guys can go. Now”.

He hissed, I doubted his lips were even moving. I turned back to head in the direction of the beautiful Eden of coffees and teas, was Lee going to be alright? The answer to that question ran away, so I voiced it out loud so Miranda heard.

“No he is going to die, what do you think? He’s a boy he’ll live, just give him some time, I’m going to get a table, Skinny Latte, please”, she scanned the crowd, “Hold up, why don’t you get the table and I will get the drinks and have a lovely chat with the hot guy”.

“What’s the chat going to be about?”

“If he has a girlfriend and if he would want one or update his”, she shimmied her hips to line, to good looking guy, he looked a bit Latino, her Flirt techniques were quite impressive for someone who has been stuck in a asylum for… since Charlotte.

I took the table near the windows; everyone passed by not noticing me, the bright sky outside was bringing me down, how was it that it was a sunny day on a bad day like this? Well that was life for you, going back to stare at the urban-esque tables, they were a grey granite with wooden chairs, I loved the setting, it was beauty in its own way.

It fiddled with the menu in the middle of the circular table, what was taking Miranda so long?

I started playing with the tip of the dress, I had got a lot of weird looks at school, it was strange, I never worn a dress to school, even if this was a dress. It was very plain and informal making it more of a summer dress than a cocktail dress, it was perfect for a hot day like this, especially with my white vans.

My legs weren’t exactly golden tanned like Miranda’s, but weren't pale as a piece of paper, I looked round the café again, everyone was carrying on with their business, I couldn’t see Miranda anywhere.

A feeling of dread filled me, it covered my stomach with heavy coals, my veins froze, my body felt stiff as ice as I looked around everywhere, where could she be? She didn’t go out, I would have noticed.

“Thank you, want to join us Josh?” Miranda’s flirt tinkle filled my ears like hot water, it made my body return to normal, I turned my head to look at the boy who had captured my sister’s eye, he was good looking, with a normal Spaniards skin and topaz like eyes.

“Hey,” I smiled up at him, he towered over me, but Miranda (who was my height) was wearing high heeled sandals which were covered by her jeans.

“Oh, you two are twins?” he asked a bit taken aback, “You didn’t tell me that Miranda, so is your name Esmeralda?” he joked, it died on his lips when me and Miranda stared at him a bit bored.

“No it’s Myra, Brawns for brains?”

“Well you can’t have everything”, she shrugged.

Josh just stood there a bit confused, “We were talking about out cat, it gold and a bit dumb”.

He seemed happy at the explanation.

“Here is your drink, banana and chocolate, skinny for me” she laid the drinks on the table, she sat on the chair opposite me, josh did the same except positioned his closer to Miranda.

“So what are you going to do?” Miranda asked drinking her beverage.

“About what?”


“Oh I nearly forgot about that, well we’ll just have to go and check with Marvin,” I kept my gaze on the window, I scanned the area for Lee, he was walking through the crowd towards the industrious café, I smiled at him through the glass barrier.

He smiled back, his face turned serious as he waved, he had crossed his finger into the ‘ALIEN’ sign, I laughed at his goofyness.

He walked to the entrance of the café, I waved him over, Miranda and Josh were in a deep conversation, or flirt fest, he was making hand gestures and smirks, and she was giggling and sending looks that a blind person couldn’t miss.

“You alright?” I asked, as what happened earlier came into my mind I blushed.

“I’m alright, just a… yeah” he smiled down at me, obviously trying to avoid my gaze.

“Do you want some”, I indicated the drink in my hand, his hand quickly and gracefully swept down to take the drink, he slurped a bit from my drink, with a mischievous smirk.

He suddenly stopped, his face went red, from a table next to him he grabbed a napkin, he coughed out the drink, his body heaved with every cough, there was brown dribble down his chin, and all around the café people were stopping to stare at the teenage boy heaving out his drink.

“He’s having a seizure!”

“He’s dying!”

“I will save him”, josh got up from his seat, his face serious, Miranda was giggling like crazy, her complexion pink with humour her legs kicking under the table, everywhere around me everyone was in uproar.

Josh quickly went and stood behind Lee, he humped onto his chest with every hump, Lee and Josh both moved, Lee was trying to slap off Josh’s hand off but Josh was too far went at the fact that he was in the spotlight to notice anything Lee was doing.

He mistook Lee’s thrashing as if he was getting worst, Josh strengthened his surges until Lee obviously having enough of Josh’s molestation Roared angrily, “GET THE OFF ME!”

Miranda tomato coloured face squealed in delight, her tinkling laughs went across the whole room, until everybody saw and started joining her.

As Lee and Josh stood in the middle, they're humiliation spurned on a laughing fit which went across the whole café, “I so should have recorded that!” Miranda wheezed out.

Lee had turned to Josh and stared him in the eye with pure loathing. He spun round and took a seat next to me, his blue eyes blazed with humiliation, “What was that?”

“Soya, you have to get used to it and you will like it, trust me it’s a bit like wine”.

“It was disgusting” he laughed.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?”

“Yes please”, he begged, putting his face in his hands, “But what are we going to do I have my car and you have yours”.

“Miranda!” her face whipped round to face me, she had been talking to a sad Josh “Take the keys, I’m going with Lee”, I fished out the keys from my purse and threw them to her, where she caught them with aquiline grace.

Lee was mopping up his mouth, there was a spot on the underside of his chin where he missed a spot, and I grabbed a napkin and did it for him.

As Lee was caught off guard, I carried on to wipe his mouth with the napkin in my hand, though I wasn’t prone to the heat I felt at his closeness, I felt like going on my tip toes and giving him a kiss like the one we shared outside in the parking lot.

“Finished”, I was surprised that my voice came out in a hush whisper.

“Thanks mum”, he joked, I glared back, “But you missed a spot”.

The words were quickly said as he bent his head down and captured my lips, I wasn’t exactly a pro at kissing, but I followed instinct and matched his kiss with one of my own, his hand went around my waist as mine snuggled themselves around his neck.

The scorch of his kiss left me breathless, I loved the feel of his lips pressed against me own, he broke off the kiss and took a deep breath, I opened my eyes to stare at his eyes, they blue iris’s sparkled like gems which were alive.

“All clean”, he breathed out.

“Not completely”, I surprised myself by pouting.

“Get a room!” Miranda shouted.

The End

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