Chapter five: NEW! OLD AND UNWANTED!

I stared as she spat out what she had to say, she eyes were dark little slits baround her pixy like face, her nose scrunched up in distaste, her lips slightly parted, she took a deep breath in and as she let it out, it fanned itself across my face.

My nose prickled up by her breath, “ha-tshuu”, I sneezed making snot go everywhere, I wiped my nose with the back of my hand.

Miranda grabbed the tissue at the bedside table, she wiped her face, looking like she didn’t mind being sneezed on, she was still sitting on my thighs, hovering on my knees, “So is it fun here?” I asked, trying – unsuccessfully – to kill the tension which seemed to hover around us like ropes were pulling at us.

Miranda seemed nonplussed at what I had just said, “Yeah it’s good, there’s always the hot doctor, and his cute son – which might I add is going to your school – other than that things just suck more and more, but what can I say”, she finished wiping her face and stared at me, I must have made a mistake about the tension, I must have been the only one affected by it.

“Well I am being dream stalked”, I said as I stared at her features, It was like looking at a mirror, but as twins you get used to it.

“Ha! I knew it wasn’t just only me”, she looked content at what I just told her, but the dangerous glint in her eyes hadn’t gone yet so I kept my guard.

“Who is dream stalking you?”

“Mum and Dad.”

I felt a pang at the back of my heart, where I kept most of my family, gently prodding Miranda with my eyes to make her say more, she didn’t.

“At least you know who is stalking you”, I said half heatedly.

“Yeah but at least the one who’s stalking you isn’t dead”.

“At least they’re Human.”

“Now we’re getting to business”.

I realised my mistake just then, again I was trapped by ‘Miranda the Hunter’, the gleam in her eyes returned full force just then, power rolling round her.

“Just forget I said anything”, It didn’t matter anyway, I was going to be released tomorrow anyway, “I had an over dose of E” –

“Yeah but E doesn’t make you imagine up people you don't even know, it has to use memoires and other stuff from your brain”.

“Someone’s been doing there homework” I spat out sarcastically.

“I couldn’t believe it when they said my sweet twin was drugged up, next thing you know you will be coming here pregnant”, if my dreams were anything to go by, I mentally agreed with her.

“How did you get the information?”

“I might not live with you but you are still my sister”, she smirked, it was one of the evilest things I ever saw.

“What did you do?”

“I tried to commit suicide after they made me listen to them talk to god, oh thy mighty lord, thou shall not steal, thou should not verbally rape little girls, blah blah blah! Do they not get the fact that I don't believe in God?” Miranda was seething, “I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT GOD HE CAN SUCK ON MY” –

Someone must have heard us talking because the curtains were ripped apart and there stood doctor Keating looking confused as he stared to me then to Miranda. Miranda sneered at him as he looked at her, which was quite weird, as she was straddling my thighs as her face was close to mine and her body was leaning toward me.

I could guess what Dr. K was thinking, ‘Girl on Girl action or Twins having and argument’?

Golly I wonder, perv.

Miranda got off me to stare at the Doctor, she looked him up and down, “You're new.”

That was when I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a hospital robe, but jeans and a very tight top, showing half her flat stomach and a whole lot of cleavage, her mini twins were literally bursting out, her tight blue jeans were tightly snuggled between her thighs and hips.

“Vis...visiting..hours are..ove..over” he stammered looking at her, my sister seemed to have grown beautifully, I on the other hand, didn’t.

I'd rather be sane than beautiful any day, yeah right who was I trying to kid?

“Well I guess I should be getting home now, Bye Sis”, I looked back at her, she wasnt allowed back home just as the thought slipped into my mind and I looked up she was nowhere to be seen.

I might have survived Miranda Danning’s first attack, but the war had just begun.


“GET UP!”, my eyes fought to open themselves, their standing in front of me was a seething Summer, her eyes were dark and lethal, like her whole stance, for the first time I regretted ever getting Summer to take a woman’s self defence summer course.

“Hey”, I said a bit groggily. I winced when I caught a whiff of my breath.

“Can you tell me why the hell my best friend took E at a concert?” her blond head bopped with every pointy syllable she threw at me.

“I didn’t do it on purpose! Someone probably spiked my drink!”

“Yeah right I know you are emotional but you don't need to get high! That’s the stupidest thing you ever did since –“

She abruptly stopped, mid sentence, she stared out the window at the end of the room, which was barred with iron bars, which I thought was kind of stupid, these kids were so sick that they could barely lift their heads.

“Just say it.”

“This is the stupidest thing you’ve done since Miranda!” she let out a gust of air.

“She was her yesterday, we were talking”, I said hunching my shoulders trying to keep the tears at bay, it was Summers opinion, not mine! No one knew what exactly happened.

“What did she say”, Summer gasped at what I said.

“Hot Doctors”.

“HA! Classic” as Summer sneered I caught the hidden approval in her sarcastic voice.

“Have you got me clothes?”

“Yeah, I got you a dress”, she said with an evil grin on her face.

“Why? You know I hate dresses! For God’s sake couldn’t you just get me Jeans and a top?”

“I could have but what would have been the point? You needed a little bit of BOOM in your life.”

“And I get that in a dress?”

“You’ve got very good legs! Maybe someone will notice that!” as she took out the dress from her little messenger bag, I gasped.

“That’s not my dress!”

“I know it’s mine! I thought you would like it”, I stared at the small little number she was holding, it wasn’t one of those ‘so tight I can’t breath’ dresses, it was quite nice, it probably stopped an inch before the knee, it was sleeveless, and kind of float-y, it was made out of two materials a sort of satin and one of those see through materials it also had little silver sequins all around making it look like it was sprinkled diamonds, “ vintage is so in, and remember be quick we’ve got school today!”

with that she left the Hospital room, I nearly dropped the glass of water I had in my hands, I looked at the watch next to the hospital bed, 6:30 am.


The dress fit me perfectly, but is showed a bit too much, although it was tight around my breats (did I mention it made them look really big?) the satin material closed around my thighs and the see through material just sashayed around my knees.

Just to add a bit of myself in to it, I wore it with my White Vans, I liked the was the satin always rubbed against my body, I also loved the way the see-through material danced around my body making the sequins shimmer in the sun.

“You look so Hot!” Summer breezed back in to the room carrying a Starbuck’s bag.

“Thanks, I’m starting to like it to!” I swirled around her.

“You can have it!” I stopped and starred at her, why would anyone give up a dress like this?

“Are you being serious!” she nodded her head, “Eeep!” I literally jumped her.

“Well if all I had to do was buy my sister a dress then she would do that, I would’ve done it years ago”, a voice mirroring mine except more husky, voiced through the hospital room, most of the children had their parents over.

Summer went limp, her eyes clouded over and any fool could easily see that she was finding it hard to breathe, I led her to the chair where she collapsed.

“Thanks”, I muttered to Miranda.

“Don't mention it, always a pleasure, so when we going to school?”

I ignored her grammar mistake, “WE?”

“Yes we sis, haven’t you heard I am released, or didn’t Marv tell ‘ya” she smirked.

I noticed that her outfit, it was yet another tight jeans matched with kitten heels and a navy and white striped top which left so little to the imagination, I’m not even going to bother to describe it, she also had a gold butterfly necklace right in between her breasts, the shiny thing probably was positioned there on purpose. It screamed ‘LOOK HERE’.

“Right, and what’s the reason you’re dressed like a hooker?”

“I think it looks good” she smiled angelically.

“Right, who told you that? The male Doctors”.

“No, your mum”, although it left a little pang at what she said I had to remind myself that her mum was my mum, I just raised one of my eyebrows at her comment.


Summer’s face was red fury, fortunately it was not directed at me.

“Well my dear I mean I have been released, my first day of high school!, I can’t wait!”

“Fuck off”


A lady heard what Summer’s had said and whipped her head round to scold her, but Summer caught her gaze and gave her a glare which could have killed the common Joe.

“Shut up both of you, Summer before you start your Bitch wars I'd like to inform you of out earlier conversation and that Miranda is my sister no matter what”.

“And what am I? I might not be blood related to you but I am so much more closer to you than that” –

“Call me anything and I will pull your hair out quicker than you can say ‘Bitch’”, Miranda said laying her tight jean clad bottom onto the hospital bed, her shirt went up a little bit hiding her showed off cleavage.

Summer seethed sending death glares to her former ‘best friend’, “We’re going now.”

She picked up her messenger bag and left the room, her black cargo pants swirling around her with ever stomp, “Good god what a bitch”, Miranda Muttered, “You’d think she’d be happy having me back”.

I sent her a look, “have you even got a bag? Pens? Are you even ready for classes?”

“I got you don't I?” she winked as she got off the hospital bed following Summers foot steps except more gracefully at the door way she spun round, “don't worry I got your car from the garage yesterday”.

How the hell did she know where I kept my car?


“Put that back on. Now”

“Make me”

“Put. It. Back. On. Now.”

“In your fucking dreams.”

“I will ram my foot into your back”.

“Myra, she’s going to ruin your car”, Miranda sang.

I sighed cursing the fact that school was 11 miles away from school, it was going on like this the whole morning.

“Miranda, turn off the Radio, or put on The Fray”

“The fray it is”, Miranda popped the gum she had been chewing on since Summer said she said she hated when people publicly chewed on gum, smacked back into her mouth.

“Now both of you shut up or I’ll kick you out here” there was no point of me saying that because the second I did say it, the school come into view.

I caught Summer’s smirk in the rear view mirror, “Finally”.

I parked my car in to the nearest parking spot, not caring if someone was going to see me, I grabbed my long Blue cardigan from the bag along with my – not my choice, Miranda wanted it – Blue hand bag.

I felt very exposed.

Summer ran out the car, “I’LL SEE YOU!”

I looked back at Miranda she looked like she didn’t care but I caught the tell tale signs that showed that she was nervous, because they were exactly what I did when I was nervous.

“Are you going to the office now?”


“Want me to come along too?”

“Yeah”, she let out a shaky laugh as she looked at me, a smile which was full oif truth broke out across her face, I was reminded of the little girl that was devastated that she had no parents and that she was so young to ‘understand’ but she did.

Again the hope of having my sister back filled me, “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you Mir”.

“I know”, that genuine smile I always loved looked at me, her hazel eyes stared back at me they sparkled with tears.

“Who did it?”

The second I said it I regretted it, instantly her face morphed back into that permenant sarcastic sneer, “Sometimes a hero has feet to big too fill, Myra, and sometimes the villain takes them”.


The class instantly stopped what it was doing to look at the girl at the front, her tight jeans hugged her bottom as she danced to professor, I instantly knew what people were thinking, she looks so much like...

“Myra Dann...Nn.. Myra Danning”, even Mr. Schizic always was a perv, “You are late”

Was I so invisible he hadn’t noticed I was already in his class and that my hair was short and straight, not expertly made – and not natural - glossy curls?

“Hey you must be Mr. Schizic, Now is you see over there”, she pointed at me, “That is Myra Danning, I on the other hand, am Miranda Danning, remember that, and as I am new I would appreciate it if I sat next to my sister”, she made her way to the empty seat next to me not caring for an answer.

“Hey”, one of the jocks said to her, you could instantly tell he was a jock, “so you’re new?”

“Yeah I am”, Miranda shot him one of those smiles.

“Great, so you want a tour?”

“Real subtle”.

“My forte”

“Now I want to spell that and say what it means”, she smirked as he looked shocked.


“That’s great, but you forgot E, I’m sure Myra can give you some”, everyone round the room looked confused, as my cheeks burned themselves.

“Miranda, this is a class”.

She smirked once again at me, I felt the hidden message one for Miranda, zero for Myra.

She took the seat next to me and signalled that the teacher could go on, in her cocky manner which left zero tolerance for any one. Even teachers.

“Anyway, we were discussing poetry in the late...” Mr. Schizic droned on.


It had been long day at school, more than once was I on the receiving end of the ‘what the fuck’ looks, it hadn’t been my fault though, Miranda had it I her mind that she had to parade around in her butter wouldn’t melt attitude.

Everyone was having a field day, especially the pretty and stupid, they seemed to think it was absolutely funny that I was having a hard time actually being the good student while miss piggy found it necessary that every one pay attention to her.

So you could imagine how happy I was at the end of the school day until I realised that I was going to have to deal with this for another... well a few more years.

“Ugh I hope la bitch isn’t riding with us”, Miranda stated loudly making summer who was behind her scowl.

“God someone smells like fish, who did you do today?”

“Well I did your dad on your birthday, so its definitely not him, are you sure you’re not smelling yourself?”

“I am a happy virgin”.

“Yeah when you were like twelve, everyone knows what happened on that summer”, she baited summer, her intimidating sing song voice ran around Summer in a sort of invisible trap.

“Myra I’m taking the bus”, she span around and walked down the sidewalk, as a boy crossed her path she shouted at him like a banshee, her face was red and I was sure it wasn’t from rage.

“Why would her do that Miranda? You know how she feels” –

“She lied, I was merely telling the truth. You know what they say”.

“Yeah I do, the truth hurts, but Karma is a bitch”.

“And it comes in the form of a blonde EMO”

“Right, whatever happens is your responsibility” –

“Your phones ringing”.


“Look Myra I don’t care right now, I've had a really long day and I really want to see Marvin do you know how long it has been since I've seen him?” I flipped open my cell, noticing who was calling I walked out of Miranda’s earshot hoping for some privacy.


The End

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