Hospital beds and Toilets are signs of family love.Mature

Chapter 4: Hospital beds and Toilets are signs of family love.

That night after summer tried to doll me up – she gave up half way when she realised her style didn’t suit me, well none of her clothes did – we left to the famous gig.

And let me say it was the best! Seeing them up and about in touching distance was like the coolest thing, well it ended, and me and summer had to get out the concert hall.

“That was so cool,” I was still in a haze of after gig coolness, I don’t think I can see past my hands and I'm pretty sure that I don’t understand the slur which is coming out of Summer's mouth.

Reaching my Lexus I opened the driver door and was going to start the engine when Summer grabbed me, “No-oo-oo Woo-aay” she said I stared at her mouth as it opened and closed then moved side to side.

“Summer, why do you have two mouths?” I was meant to say but I'm pretty sure what I said was, “Swammer fy doo fav too’moovs”, asslowly as I said trying to pronounce every word in a full syllable.

Summer slapped my cheeks a bit, I dint know why, I was perfectly… what was the word again

I didn’t get why she was giving me the ‘I'm-a-concerned-mum’ look.

But before I could even utter a word, the world span around me and with a startled cry I fell to the floor, of which I am sure, was definitely not a regal faint.


“ I don’t know what happened you silly old bat, she was at a concert with Satan”

“Sir, give me information of what happened that day or I will put you into a chemical induced coma, like miss, now will you just tell me what exactly happened”

As I looked at Marvin as he stared at me, “look, she’s awake now! You can stop hammering around me for answers and ask that little bird how the hell she got E in her system”, I stared at his annoyed face back to the patient calmness the nurse emitted.

“good morning Myra, how was your sleep?”

I stared at the nurse, was she stupid just a second ago she had admitted that she had put me into a coma, I just shook my head and stared at her brown hair, tilting my head I looked at it closer, it was flitted with white-ish blonde low lights, it was kind of emo.

“my coma was a comfortable coma if that’s what you’re asking.”

She looked no pulsed as she looked over my file, staring at it as if it was the most ridiculous thing she ever saw in her whole life, “it says that you 17 yet you” –

She stared at me in wonderment, “I have picked up your sisters file by accident, my apologies”, I winced at the 'your sister' bit.

I looked down my bed, as the nurse left I felt Marvin let out a long deep breath, “Myra, I’m sure it was an accident”.

“I know.”

“Then can you please stop looking at the bed like you want to create a black hole through it”, he sat down on the seat next to my bed as he stared at the ceiling long and hard.

“Marvin, what happened?”

“You don’t remember”.

Pure fact, not a question.

More of a ! than a ?

I slouched onto the uncomfortable hospital bed missing my own as I stared at the interesting red dot on the ceiling, wondering if it was blood or paint.

“You went to a party after your concert, then you came here, somewhere in between you had took a illegal drug, Commonly known as Ecstasy, or in my days, the love pill”, I laughed.

“They had E in your time?” I didn’t take E.

‘We created ECTASYI wouldn’t do E, I’m not that kind of girl, I’m not the kind of girl who thinks drugs are cool.

Staring into his dark eyes, I felt the conversation we had filter into my mind letting me let out the roar of laughter that fought inside of me, was it possible to die of laughter?

It would be a great way to die.

Staring at Marvin’s face as it changed from teasing to straight faced made my stomach knot, “Tell me you weren’t stupid to actually take E by will”.

“I don’t remember”.

“Don’t give me that bull, Myra I just need a straight out answer”, he answered calmly despite his words, it seemed to infuriate me more.

“I CANT REMEMBER GODDAMNIT!”, tears I couldn’t explain fell down my cheeks.

Marvin seemed to back off after that, but it pissed me off that I had to shout at the half wit so he could take me seriously, I stared at him as the free will tears jumped out of their hidden cavern.

Be good and go back in. I asked, for some reason they answered me in a stereotypical teen girl first heart break squeaky voice, NO!

As the squeamish feeling inside me let out me accidently touched the iron of the hospital bed, in my vulnerable condition I wasn’t exactly protecting myself from the feelings of pain filled my head, a part of my brain was happy to be used again.

I count shut this one up with chocolate though.

One stuck out from the rest of them though, a little girl.

She knew she was going to die but no one could help her this time, her parents had told her if she survived those they would throw her out the window, I screamed as her pain mixed with the pain of my memory loss.

It wasn’t her fault, they punctured her ribs!

In the mix of my slight combat I felt Marvin’s hand touch mine gingerly, like a person asking a cat an invitation for a petting, I easily welcomed it, tears falling down my face, you would also cry if you felt this pain, I also saw a little boy waiting for his operation, he went in unconscious, he was also in a coma.

... He wasn’t in a coma any more, he was dead.

“Where did they put me?” knowing the answer to the question just needing the finality.

“Children’s ward”.

“Which hospital?”

I felt the dread of his answer before he replied, I knew what he was going to say before he did. I hated the fact that they would put me so close to her.

“Pristers”, I tried to shrug it off, but my back was too tense.

“Did you see her?”

“No”, I felt myself loosen a bit, a bit, “But she knows your here”.

“Fun-fucking-tastic! Let’s all just go to the cemetery and call it a family reunion”, I hated the way that the hospital suddenly seemed so much more dangerous with the knowledge that she was so close.

“You’re going to have to face her at some point” –

“Yes you’re right at some point, but I’m just not today”, my screaming and shouting must have caused some attention to I and Marvin, because the next thing I knew was that the curtains to my little hospital corner were flung open and there stood a crazed nurse.

We – Me & Marvin – stared at her like she was a marzipan, “visiting hours are over”.

Marvin looked uncertain, standing up, he took a crooked step, showing off his whole I’m a sick old man, PITY ME! Act, quite amusing, but the nurse was having none of it, two heartless people stared at each other.

“MR.Mint I would advise you to leave. Now”.

I lay back in my hospital bed as I stared at the curtains, I got out of bed and pulled back the curtains, it was not pitch black dark, but most of the children were sitting in their bed watch the T.V.

I spotted a doctor at the far end of the room, he sat there, legs crossed head down.

I lightly tapped him on his shoulder, he glanced at me from under his eye lashes, “Um Dr, Err?”


“Yes, well can you tell me if I have to stay here?”

“Who are you?”


He opened up a little blue file, “young female. Overdose. Illegal drug usage”.

“Well technically it should say ‘goes to a concert gets drugged, then lands in coma’”, I said in my best news reporter voice, he obviously didn’t look impressed at my pitying case at humour, “I guess there goes my dream at stand up comedy”.

“Miss Danning”, he tapped his chin thoughtfully, “have I seen you before by any chance? That name just rings a bell, I don’t know where though.”

I smiled at him, he looked very tired, but he looked very young under all that raggedness, “No.”

I left and turned to go back to that incredibly uncomfortable hospital bed which was made just right that you won’t have enough sleep to die in your sleep but enough that you won’t die from it.

I woke up at somewhere in between the night from, well I have to pee.

I quickly I stepped out my bed, fortunately, I wasn’t hooked up to anything like before, but I was wearing one of those disgusting hospital robes.

I stepped out the room, there were no signs saying ‘if you want to pee follow the arrow. Doofus!’ though I did see a nurse walking about.

“Excuse me miss!” I tried to touch but she just disappeared into nothing, like gas.

I spun around looking for any signs of help, but there weren’t any down the dark hallway, I guess I’m just really stupid, because hospital hallways were never empty of eerily silent or were hospital beds wooden.

The hallway was dark, but not so dark that you couldn’t see yourself or people around you, at the bottom of the hallway there was a shadow, I let out a gust of air I didn’t know I was holding.

“Um...” I ran towards it, when I touched it, the person didn’t dissolve into the air, they just stood there not facing me but I tried to make them see me, I pulled on their shoulder to make them move, they did.

Again I faced the clear white face, I groaned.

“Oh god do you have nothing better to do?” Before he could say something I turned and ran, right into a wall.

That should have woken me up but it didn’t.

“Myra this is something new, this is no longer your dream, it’s mine”, I spun as I felt the hot breath travel down my spine, “I really don’t see how avoiding will help anything,” I kept my back facing him, my visage towards the wall.

I heard a frustrated groan, then the blow of hot air across my back, “I don’t believe in dream thieves, I don’t believe in dream thieves”, I slowly turned to face that inhumanely clear skin.

“Although I do enjoy your backside, I do prefer you face”, first thing I noticed was that the person that had been haunting my dreams – well they turned to nightmares – was very good looking.

He smirked, it suited him just fine, and he looked like the villain in every Disney princess story, though I always thought that the villains were always so much more exciting.

“Myra, I have so many things better to do, especially at night but you dear are so”, I let the sentence leave to stop, as I felt my cheek flame up.

Blushing, leaves so many bad memories.

“I would fully appreciate it if you can tell me exactly who you are and what you are doing in my dreams,” a gleam over took his eyes as he slowly stalked closer to me, I felt where he touched me become hot.

“Exactly what do you dream of, Myra?” he stood closer if that was possible, I felt his warm breath at my front, I caught the smirk which played across his lips.

He was trying to seduce me, and I was standing there like a stick doing nothing letting myself get seduced by someone I didn’t even know, next thing you know I will be giving my virginity away to the weird clerk at Starbucks. Summer was a very bad influence on me.

“Let me make this clear, I would rather die than ever see you in my dreams again, do you even need to know why?”

“Dear Sweet Myra, please enlighten me”, he said sounding pompously amused.

“You make my dreams nightmares, since I was 10 you’ve been doing this, do you think I could ever be seduced by someone that ruined my childhood?”

I must admit I got a bit carried away with what I was saying, as I looked back at his blue eyes I realised that they were now too dark to see any colour, he looked furious for a reason I couldn’t fathom, quickly went the heat I felt as his body was near mine, it quickly turned cold.

I sucked in a breath so I could let out a blood curling scream, only to have my mouth covered by a hand, I woke up to see a mirror image of myself staring back at me in calm superiorness.

“Don't you dare Myra,” she whispered, power flicking at her words letting other worst of her sentence unsaid as she channelled them into my head, making them crawl into what was left of my sane brain.

What she didn’t try to take already, or else.

I looked back at the dull brown eyes tinted dark with power, the fatigued sickly white skin and the small heart shaped face.

Her hair was long, glossy and cascading around her like a curtain around us, trying to hide to the world what she was doing to me, I hated the way she way she always intimidated me by her closeness.

“Hey Miranda, how are you?”

“Hey Myra, I'm just so happy that you put me here, other than the fact that all the nurses think I'm mad, I'm jolly good. Sis”.

The End

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