Daisy's can mean DANGER!Mature

Chapter 3: Daisy’s can mean danger!

#...Sponge Bob Square-Pants, Sponge Bob Square-Pants Spo-on-Gee Bo-ob Square-Pants!#

I flipped my phone, “wha?”

“It’s ‘excuse me’ not ‘wahh-rrr”, Summ said snootily, I got up from my bed and rubbed my eyes.

“Summ is there a reason for you calling me?”

“Yes there is, as boyfriend number whatever is over and done with, I've got a spare ticket for the gig in The Pear tree”.

“And you didn’t tell me this yesterday?” wow Summ got the tickets from her latest ex, Goth Golddigga.

“Well I forgot, are you or are you not coming?”

“You know patience is a virtue, and of course I am going I wouldn’t miss this for the world”, okay I was getting way to over excited but the Veronicas are literally my favourite Band in the world.

“Ok so it’s tonight, what are you going to wear?”

“Vain. Anyway jeans and a top, the usual”.

“In you freaking dreams, you will either slut- up or not go”, with that tone I knew Summ was being fully serious.

“Okay then but, Summ how did you get to keep the tickets?”

“I didn’t. He called me last night and was all ‘Hey can I have my tickets I left them under your bed’ and I said NO obviously and then he was all ‘but I got a date for tomorrow”.

“Yes and? What else did you do?”

“I hung up and took my lesbian lover out to the gig”, there was no way in hell that was ever enough for Summer. She breathed revenge.

“What else did you do Summ?”

“I called his mum up pretending to be another girl and said I was pregnant with his kid and wanted my baby’s money he promised me”, she said nonchalantly but I could hear the amusement in her voice.

“You’re a sly, sly dog, Summer Cassidy”.

“I prefer a Sly, Sly cat”.

“Because Guys are dogs?”

“You got it, anyway got to go now.”

“Bye”, before I could say it I heard the beep signalling she had hung-up.

I threw my phone on the unmade bed and headed down the hall, I entered the last room at the end of the hallway. There was a rose bed with ornate white rails, the wardrobe was my favourite though.

My mother was all for fashion so looking at all the pastel and floral print blouses was very entertaining, I loved my mum with my whole being, I could remember looking at her as a young girl.

She was beautiful.

With her long dusty blonde hair and pink Alice bands, she also was very chic, I remember when she used to go to work with her hair twisted into a very hard chignon. And those paisley scarves immaculately knotted at her neck.

But my best memories were of her in the rose gardens.

My mother never held me though, she died 6 minutes before I was born.

How I know all these memories? They were usually in my dreams and then they’d fade out to the faceless man, well it was just the shadow of a body, but what girl had broad shoulders like that?

Well were talking of my mum not the freak in my dreams, she was a beautiful women but quite successful too, she was a PR for some music factory and got paid a lot for it, all she had to do was go and listen to music and decide who had that special ‘OH!’

Apparently harder than it sounds, I traced my hands over her pillow case feeling its soft silk, no one has ever slept in this bed since her death, nothing changed in this room either, Marvin says he can still smell the rose perfume she used to wear.

My dad also died, and I was near him when it happened, it was when we were coming back from the hospital right after I was born, what was strange was after my mum died and I was expected to have some sort of heart disease but I didn’t.

I was also not supposed to survive the car accident but I did, my dad was driving us back from the hospital and he crashed in 2 cars, and then the engine shattered killing another 5 people, I was found a mile away under an Oak tree.

Luckily I still had my hospital tag around my hand.

A tear dropped on to the silky pillow case, as I hugged the cloud I smelled in the rose smell of my mother, my dad apparently didn’t smell.

When I asked Marvin what my dad smelled of he told me and I quote: ‘Myra when I was a young man we had better thing to do other than sniffing other men’, I didn’t know he was so touchy about the subject.

I would’ve thought he was gay if I didn’t find him on porno sites last year.

“I miss her too”, I span around, well speak of the devil.

“What are you doing up so early?” I said wiping my tears away.

“I saw you sad, can you keep a secret sweet?”


“Follow me”, he beckoned me to follow, I did.

“Where are we going?”

“To my room”, I've been in Marvin’s suite so few times, but when I did it always stupefied me, it was like a library rather than a room, but at the end there was a door hidden by a red curtain, and that was his room.

I never went in there, it was locked by a key, so no matter how hard I tried, and I just couldn’t get in.

We walked through the big doors, and at the end concealed by a rack of book was the curtain that disconnected me from the books to the bedroom.

As we entered I had to stifle the gasp which fought its way up to my mouth, it was one of those rooms which held power in them, like you expected them to have secrets.

“I know you’ve never been in here but don’t gawk at it like it the Buckingham palace”, he said cockily.

“Whatever, what did you want to show me?”

He came to his bed and leaned in to grab something from under it, it was one of those old 60’s suitcases full of stickers.

“I know by now you’re wondering about the… coincidences of your life”, he opened the suitcase, it was filled of pictures, and one of those old books, I swear one of them was the Bible.

“What of them?” he couldn’t be trying to tell me that…

“I did some research on you, not that kind of research, Myra you’re not Damien Omen! For god’s sake!” he said lovingly

“I know but…”

“You didn’t do this to me”, he didn’t sound certain, and he didn’t even meet my eyes.

“Yes I did”, I whispered.

Slowly I backed away from him, I left his room, I left his library, I left the hallway, I left the house, and I left my car.

I was deep into the daisy field when I realised he didn’t once call me back, he didn’t once stop me, he might have just wanted me to know I was the reason.

No he couldn’t have this is Marvin were talking about, he couldn’t even hurt a fly.

But what –

No what’s or but’s!

He didn’t mean anything end of. Period.

Gently resting on to the daisy field I let my hair down, not that there was much to let down anyway, it was too short, but that’s how I liked it, straight cut, short easy to handle, I’d want to grow it, gives me something to care about.

I’ll just ruin it though.

Shut up.

I plucked one of the daisy’s, I was beautiful all it petals colourful with a creamy beige-ish white, its centre and strong yellow, rolling around onto my stomach investigating the innocently designed flower.

Gosh how can I be so amazed by a little flower?

Laughing I tried to put the flower down but I didn’t want to, something about it was special, I felt its beautiful aura, it was strangely innocent I instantly felt bad for picking it.

Everything had an aura, even if was technically not alive, my bed had a satisfying aura, pictures had auras of remembrance, when I was a little girl I learn word like this:

Sofas: comfortable

Food: justifying

And so on, Marvin called it a game and would laugh when I got mixed up and called chocolate self-satisfying.

I crossed my eyes so my vision was blurred in to a yellow, white and green hue, it was still beautiful, I rolled onto my back, stared up at the clear blue sky, I stared at the sky willing a cloud to appear, slowly a white gradually became thicker until it was a decent sized cloud.

I stopped my concentration on the cloud, I lied back looking at the prefect picture, and if I had a camera I would have snapped all the film, but I didn’t.

The field was beautiful (it was behind the house, walk a bit, past the gardens and a shallow forest) though it was more of a clearing than a field, it was small, at the end of the clearing the forest grew again and the daisy’s stopped appearing randomly,

Something caught my eye. There at the edge was a shadow. The same shape she saw at the lake, just staring at me, still, non-moving, rigid.

Something snapped inside of me, there was someone just staring at me like I was entertaining following me like I wanted to be watched, “hey is it fun watching me?”

It didn’t respond but I knew it heard me, it made a slight gesture with its head, I got up I made my way to the shadow.

It stood still waiting, still rigid, I was half way across the field, when it suddenly moved, they leaned against the nearby tree, there face was nearly in the sun but not completely, and there face wasn’t covered in shadow now making me feel a bit better.

Noticing their stance I realized that they were quite male and big, for one whoever they were, didn’t have boobs, and was quite muscular, but then I looked at his face and gasped.

It reminded me of the person in my dreams, white, clear porcelain skin gleamed in the sun.

I did the same thing I did in my dreams I ran, I turned around and ran away, “STOP!”

It was like someone was in pain, I stopped maybe I was seeing things before.

Normal People don’t have skin like that!

With that last though I ran back to the house, whoever they were could carry on being hurt I don’t give a damn! They’re frickin’ EVIL!

I was close to the door when I heard the music.

Put Death on Defence was on LOUD like ultra loud. Like club loud.

I shook the negative energy and walked through the secret door, it was hidden between a fountain and a stone bench under the willow tree, as I walked through I saw the familiar steps. They led me to the room next to my parents.

Slowly I opened the door, the door was I stepped out the door watching out not to hit my head on the fireplace, I closed the door behind me, when the click sounded I walked out the door.

“MYRA DARLING WHERE AGGH-RRRR YOU” Summ shouted at the top of her lungs in a sing song voice.

“HERE SWEETHEART” I sang back.

The music suddenly stopped and Summ’s head cracked out my door, she peered at me suspiciously, her blonde hair falling in front of her eyes making her look silly.

“Goth girl! Stop that” – Marvin’s booming voice covered the hallways.

“Marvin! Oh how I miss your annoying ass”, Summ said sarcastically.

“You guys give me headaches!”

“GOOD, now let me just get my keys and let this show go on the road

Summer left down the hall, so I was left alone in the doorway of my room listening to hard core rock, I let the tears just roll down, they tumbled down my cheeks, one at a time left to right to left to right…I always was named and shamed in well everywhere, but I just can’t explain what I felt right now, it was like my body took on instinct and didn’t use my brain, “summer I’m getting changed, ‘kay?”

“You do that, la-di-da did you see my keys?” I felt a ball go up my throat and chains twist around my lungs, they slithered like snakes, it took all my efforts not to sound like I'm crying, Summ could spot my tears from 5 miles away.

“No let me ‘slut up’”, I called out in fake cheerfulness.

“Okey dokey”, she sang.

“What! Myra get down here now, what is it with Goths and sluttin’ up? Down got to the DARKNESS!, Fight it Myra. FIGHT”

I could hear Summ’s laughs, joyous and wonderful, Marvin was funny but this time I didn’t laugh.

The End

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