Raindrops in the lake.Mature

Chapter 2: Raindrops in the Lake.

I needed coffee.

After I dropped off Summ I went to Starbucks, sometime when I was 13 I had grown a liking to soya, and Starbucks did the best soya smoothie, Summ says it disgusting but she doesn’t know the creamy tastiness it brings to my tongue.

I swear I should not dream of the deliciousness while I’m driving!

Slowly I parked outside the glass café, I quickly went to the meter and paid for a couple of minutes.

“Hey there, what can I get you?” I stared at the big board.

“Can I get a soya smoothie”

“What flavour?”

“Uh Chocolate and banana?” even though she looked cheerful

“Sure thing! That’s $3.75” as she went and made my deliciousness I took out my purse, barely thirty seconds later she came back. How can they be so quick? If I did that I would’ve got the wrong ingredients and everything, I would’ve also dropped it onto those machine things which you put your credit card in.

We swapped. I take it as a fair trade, she gets money and I get deliciousness. Before I could drop anything I quickly sipped my smoothie, I literally ran out the café, I didn’t want any of the strangely perfect teens coming in and seeing me.

God forbid I go to Starbucks!

“Excuse me! Um brown haired girl!” I had brown hair, they were probably calling someone else but I still casually turned around, I didn’t want the person to suddenly say ‘what are you looking at freak?’ there is only so much embarrassment I could take. Plus it was Friday!

OH! MY!! GOD!!!

I swallowed a bile which was up my throat, I didn’t recognize him, trust me if you met this guy it would be absolutely near impossible to forget a face like that! It was a face of an angel. Ok a not so innocent angel, but still he was hot, like lava, like the sun, like, like well I can’t think of any more, but he was smoking HOTT.

He looked like that dorky guy from the O.C, but he had the bluest eyes, they weren’t like Summ’s who had a cute baby blue colour, he had a dark navy blue colour, I felt like saying ‘Can I have a map, because I'm lost in your eyes’.

He brought out the lameness in me, and what was even weirder was he was looking right at me, “Can I help you?” I asked tentatively, how I was able to speak is still a mystery to me.

He scratched the back of his head, oh did I mention his hair, it wasn’t curly but it had this sort of flicky thing at the ends, “uh yeah, you dropped your…um purse”.

I am not a sadistic person who likes to see people embarrass themselves, but watching this guy blush was just so irresistible, I bit my bottom lip from smirking.

He was just so cute, “thank you – oh” I felt a raindrop on my nose, not shortly after raindrops were falling everywhere, I looked up to the grey sky, it wasn’t this grey when I entered Starbucks.

How Strange.

“Oh crud”, he had a soft masculine voice which was powerful, it made you WANT to listen, I looked at him his hair was starting to stick to his forehead, I was pretty sure my hair was doing the same thing.

“Hey do you need a lift?” okay I don’t usually give lifts but this guy found my purse, I swear I put in my bag; anyway it has nothing to do with his cuteness. Nothing at all, he looked puzzled for a moment, “not that I usually give people I don’t know rides but as you got my purse…and yeah”.

He looked amused, I was pretty sure I was blushing, “I’d love a ride”, he smirked can someone go from cute to… dangerously handsome in one second?

I shook myself out that sinuous reverie and unlocked the car, the second it pinged I went to the back and took out the towel I kept on me just in case, well there was actually 3 towels each had the initials of the person they belonged to.

I took two and went back to the driver seat; I passed the towel to the guy, “Thank you Myra”.

“Oh don’t mention it – Wait how the hell do you know my name?” I didn’t remember telling him my name; suddenly it all started adding up, my purse and the sudden rain…well the rain didn’t add up but –

“Your name is on the touch screen”, he was right I had my sat-nav/ mini- computer personalized.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to accuse you just – you know what let’s start again. Hello my name is Myra, what’s yours?”

“Liam, but Lee will do”, he held out his hand, I shook it, he then stopped shaking and held it, “what did you accuse me of?”

I looked down, I couldn’t tell him in my head I had accused him of being a rapist slash robber, so the best thing will be to lie, “Nothing!” too bad I was the worst liar.

“Yeah right! Even though I don’t know you much that’s the worst lie I had ever heard – oh crud”, he looked like someone kicked his puppy, though I'm pretty sure this guy didn’t own a puppy, more likely a big fully grown hunting dog.


“I forgot my drink.”

“Oh here let me get it for you”, I placed my drink on the drink stand, as I raised my head my nose was literally touching lee’s, I blinked a few times.

“Look just let me get it, its pouring outside”.

I dumbly nodded until I realized what I was doing, “but it would make up even”, but he was already out the car and near the café’s door, I watched as he walked toward the counter and got his drink, he walked fluidly. I never look at how people walked so it was strange when I marked this out, I was so clumsy around people I could…

…I’m having a good day I don’t need to know what I could do to people.

He came out again with long steps; he even looked both ways when he crossed the road!

As he closed the car door I asked, “Do you have to go home now?”

“Not really”, he sounded quite startled, I wouldn’t blame him if someone had asked me that questioned I would have high tailed it out of there, “may I as why?”

“You could but then I’d have to kill you”, the look on his face was priceless, “kidding”.

“I know but I didn’t believe you were that lame”, he was smirking again and the air literally whooped out of me, I nervously started chuckling.

“Well I can assure you, you’re totally winning the lame contest”, I shot him a sideways look and started the engine, he also put his drink in one of those slots, where you put in your drinks.

I bet Starbucks made them because they fit in perfectly.

The roads passed by, all the rain was sticking to everything it made contact with, it was one of those things you take for granted but when you think of it, it looks magnificent.

As we passed all the roads, I made sure I was taking the right trail, It would’ve been so embarrassing to end up becoming lost, “hey sorry about taking you but there this place I love to go when it rains, in fact I always go there when it rains, I have to go there.”

“Why is the rain so special?” he asked innocently but the question itself hurt the wound which was still open.

“Sorry I shouldn’t I have said that, just forget I ever mentioned it”, I kept my focus on the road ahead of me, “we’re nearly there”.

And we were there just ahead of us was the lake, as all the rain dropped in to the lake they made dents but they didn’t break it or make it lose it beautiful shape, at the edge was a picnic table and on top of it was a umbrella.

I walked out the car leaving the lights on, it was dark out already. Lee had mysteriously walked out the car too and was standing next to me. I had never brought someone over than Marvin to the lake, and watching lee standing there looking at the lake totally transfixed while raindrops fell all around him.

It had looked magnificent but now it magnificently beautiful.

Oh god I sound like some sappy romance novel, before I could get into the ‘momentum’ I pushed Lee and ran to the picnic table, before I got there I span around. I don’t know but something told me to, Lee rammed right into me pushing me to the ground, but before that happened I caught sight of something at the edge of the lake.

It was crouching in front of the lake, and then it stood up and turned back into the forest, I lost sight of whoever they were.

Lee was on top of me, but I didn’t care the grass under me was soft enough to make the fall fully comfortable, “Sorry, I swear I tried to stop!”

“There was someone there did you see them?” I asked pointing to other side of the lake.

“No, but what were they doing there?”

“I have no idea but they went back into the forest”.

“Impossible the other side of this lake has a nature reserve for –” he stopped whatever he was going to say.

“What do they keep there?”

“They closed it last year because of the low funding”, I dusted myself off then went to the picnic table and grabbed the umbrella, “Myra put that down! Do you know where it has been?”

“Yeah in my house, don’t worry its mine I forgot last time I was here”.

“How do you know someone else hadn’t used it?”

“Because I was here last night until 3 am”, I added casually.

“What were you doing?”

“Thinking”, a white lie never hurt anyone.

“You said you used to come here whenever it rained, even as a little girl?”

“Yeah Marvin used to get pissed! Imagine getting woken up at 6 am by a little girl who wanted to go to a lake to watch the ‘raindrops’” I laughed, “I mean I sometimes remember his face when I woke him up, Marvin was so happy when I turned sixteen and I could drive myself here, he said he didn’t mind but trust me he’s relieved”, I laughed remembering one of the many nights I would’ve woke Marvin up, my favourite was when he screamed because he thought I was his ex-wife out for revenge.

“You were a strange little girl Myra”, he said flicking my nose.

“I know”, I said smiling up at him, “don’t you wish you could be a lake sometimes?”

“Not really”.

I wasn’t listening to him, I was in my own personal thoughts thinking the easy flow of water, the back of my hair was sticking to my neck, a raindrop got caught in my eyelashes, in my mind that was really funny so I started laughing.

I turned to Lee, he wasn’t there, “Lee? Lee! LEE!” I looked around for him, I span around looking for him.

I didn’t see him.

I knew it was a mistake bringing a stranger to the lake, god how stupid could I get the second I see a hot guy I get a ditzy! I bet he went to my school, I bet he was filming this and going to put this on YouTube or something.

“Stop Myra, I'm here I just thought you might like to dry yourself, you look like a wet cat!” Lee was walking over to me with a two towels, he passed me one and took one for himself, instantly my hysteria cooled itself, like a flickering candle being put out.

“Do want to go now?” I asked him, as I dried my hair whilst walking to the car.

The rain had got heavier sometime I was looking at the lake, “yeah”.

I slid into the car, I started drying my hair, I put on the AC to heat myself up, I took my hair in the towel and roughly shook it, the water was really dripping down my back, looking at Lee I saw that his Tee was sticking to his stomach making me see great abs, I licked my lips and stared down at me little Touch screen gadget.

I heard the laughter the same time I felt his hands in my hair, “Lee what are you doing?”

“You really look like a wet cat now, let me fix your hair”.

“No don’t bother when it dries it’ll just end up like it used to be, straight”, I don’t know why I was making such a big deal of him touching my hair but I was.

“Just. Let me,” he was really concentrating on what he was doing, his own hair was sticking out everywhere, I tentatively put my hand in his soft brown hair I tried fixing it.

I brushed it with my hands so it had some shape, I made it look smart and choir boyish, it looked funny but it suited his look perfectly unless he smirked.

“Done”, we said it at the same time I looked into his eyes, “jinx” he whispered, I felt his his hot breath around my nose, if he just bent his head a bit more lower... I quickly hit that thought out of my head, I sat back.

I know’ I whispered in my head, I smiled at him and started driving out of the trail into the main road.

“Uh can you give me the directions to your place?”

“It’ll be better if I drove there”.

“Not even in your dreams”.

“At least I tried,  - take the right here”, apparently Lee lived nowhere near my high school, so that was a good thing, except for the fact that lived like miles away, well in fact I live miles away from anywhe

“Myra can I get you number?” he asked out of nowhere.

“Uh sure, but can I get yours?”

“Duh”, he said it was the most obvious thing in the world, we swapped phones and I gave him my number, he walked in to his home, I watched him as he got greeted by a little girl wearing a big Disney princess’s costume with a tiara.

She was adorable.

As I drove I parked my car into the garage, I walked through the door of the big gothic empty colonial mansion, with its turrets and high ceilings, the drive looked impeccable as always, mum used to love this drive, the rose bushes were her favourite.

I walked through the door and was greeted by the familiar waft if cigars and brandy, “MARVIN! What did the doctor say about these habits?”

Marvin was fifty six years old with full grey hair, he was absolutely healthy, but…

He was sitting in his usual sitting chair with its big cushions and on the table next to it was a bottle of brandy and box of cigars obviously, “Myra sweet, how was school? you are a bit late today weren’t you?”

“Marv! You know they said your lungs could collapse at any minute!”

“Well I'm already going to die, let me die in dignity, and what do those young larks know anyhoo?”

“Much more than you do”, I crouched by him, I loved Marvin with all my heart and I hated when he talked about his death so openly.

“Ok, ok I will stop… right after this puff”, he breathed in deeply from the cigar, before he could carry on I took the bottle of brandy away and the cigar of his hand, along with the box, “where are you taking them?”

“None of your bees wax!”

“Myra, why don’t you just save us the trouble, and tell us where you’re going to ‘hide’ them?”

“For a dying man you sure are good at finding Cigars and brandy!”

“Sweet you’re just so obvious with your hiding ‘hot spots’!”

I walked up the stairs, but not before I caught my reflection in the mirror.

Laughing at my hair! Yeah right!

By the rain my shirt had literally became see through and you could see my bra right through it.

And it was one of those sexy bra’s!

Oh god this is going to be hard explaining to Summer.

End of chapter...

The End

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