The Freak The Goth and The StrangeMature

Chapter 1: The Freak, The Goth and The Strange.

“FREAK! DUCK!” I registered the words just as I felt the creamy liquid splat onto my hair then slither down my back, the whole canteen livened down, every single person who was in the big room stared at me.

A sea of average brown, blue, grey and hazel eyes covered my eye sight, my cheeks were hot and I could feel the cool liquid slide down my temple to my cheeks then drop from my chin, I looked to the table in the centre and surely enough there was all the strangely perfect boys and girls with nothing better to do in their spare time other than to annoy me.

They were all biting their cheeks trying not to laugh, some of them were red but no matter what expression was on their pretty faces they’re eyes told the story, malice written all over them when they looked at me, like the pariah that I was.

I got my pointy finger and touched the liquid on my cheeks then looked at it, “Yogurt! Wow there I thought you could do better”, grabbing a tissue I calmly wiped my hair and face, making sure I got the entire yogurt out.

I calmly walked out the canteen throwing the used tissue in a nearby bin, I made my way towards the toilet; my hair was starting to stink like a fromage frais.

Five girls were in the bathroom all staring at their reflection, the second they saw the FREAK entered they exited, standing next the door they avoided touching me, I swear I don’t have B.O! And B.O isn’t contagious!

I checked all the bathroom stalls for any one and let out a sigh of relief when there was no one, I closed the toilet door and stared at myself in the mirror, I had worst days. My brown hair was covered in creamy pink goo, and…bits of raspberry? Wow they got me good.

If I threw something back at them I was more likely to get caught and the whole school would initiate that I threw the food first. One day I would love to get them back but I am not going to spend my last year of school planning my revenge, plus I was strange.

Better to spend my last year thinking of what I was going to become other than paying attention to the P&P (POPULAR & PRETTY two things I am not) I am not that pathetic no matter what other people think, I checked every cubicle checking for teen age girls, I came up short finding no one. It would be so hard to clean myself in the presence of shallow (sorry about my language) bitches.

Entering a cubicle and thoroughly locking the door I put my hand on my head and made sure concentrated on the liquid on my hair and not my hair, last time I did this I became fully bald, it was a hell trying to get a hair growth spell.

I felt the liquid slither down my short hair then evaporate into a blinding light, like a flashing camera except longer, when I was certain all the sticky substance was out of my hair I went out the cubicle, immediately I was greeted by my reflection in the mirror, yes my hair was clean as sunshine.

That was so lame!

Well I am lame, loners are lame, don’t you know it’s written in the hand book, every year I get a hand book telling what I am by my beautiful peers, ah can’t live with them and I sure can as hell live without them! Well the handbook part was a joke by the way, if we don’t include the entire lovely letter they like to send me, nice to know I am loved.

I swear one of my eyes just twitched, my reflection looked quite ordinary, normal brown hair, brown eyes, normal skin, and to top it all off normal height and normal weight.

I wish I was fully ordinary, or had extraordinary features which some of my chums had which made them get away with everything, but I don’t. slowly creeping out the kitchen looking down the hallways I checked for the annoying clique filled with lovely looking teens, I wasn’t scared of them, I just didn’t want more yogurt in my hair, I swear spells suck major energy, it like when you’ve ran 5 miles straight.

Noticing no ‘popular’ kids were out to hunt their prey I walked down the hallway out the doors in to the bright lights, noticing the sun was letting it rays exercise, I seated myself onto the seat under the big oak tree in the corner of the field, no one went to this part of the field. Ever.

I guess all the kids are afraid of my power I hold against them, oh how I wish!! Hell no, rumours is that there are too many spiders here.

Slowly a dark silhouette had its way towards me, “Myyy-RAAAH”, the dark silhouette started running towards me, black clothing hung over her body.

“Merry morning sunshine!” I swear if looks could kill I would be impaled by now, after I had my eyes taken out and my heart removed using a spoon, “Summer, why so sad?” I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

“Whatever! Stupid effin’ teachers…some cunt he is! Can’t even mark essay correctly!” she was so sad that she wasn’t making any sense at all, Summer is literary freak! “Anyways what was that back there? I swear you’re so lucky you’re a witch, it would have been hell to take that out my hair!”

“I’m not a W-I-T-C-H, I prefer the term” –

“You do spells” –

“No I don’t!”

“Well ok, logically all you do is think about what you want and BAM you get it! Such a lucky bitch” I made a mistake when me and Summer were ten and I made a full length rose appear from now where.

Since then I have been known as ‘The Witch’.

“Logically you’re a Goth!” I laughed at her expression.

“In society today all you do is wear more black then what is fashionable then BANG we are labelled prejudicially as GOTHS, EMO’s and other’s”

“You can’t think of any others can you?”


With that me and summer broke into hysterical laughter, me and summer have been friend for so long, it was hard for her too, summer is a pretty girl. I used to call her Barbie, I still do but she doesn’t like it being the ultra feminist and all.

I have been friend with Summer Since pre-school, she was the one who stood by me with everything, there was also Lea but something happened.

“So what’s up with you and” –

“Over”, she said it so nonchalantly, but I didn’t miss the flash of panic in her eyes.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing” she flipped her light blonde hair.

“That’s a lie, obviously something happened and you two looked good last time things were going on so well”.

“Well not well enough”.

“Sum”, I tried to get her to look at me, but she seemed to be looking at everything except me.

“Look could we just drop this?”

“No” I was on dangerous grounds, I could feel her aura light up, sparks were flicking out, but at the same time I could feel something was hidden, not really dark more of a white lie a bit blue.

“You’re doing that thing again aren’t you? When you read my mind! Stop it!” she covered her head with her hands aimlessly trying to block me.

“I can’t read minds stupid! Just auras! And you’re hiding something!”

“Ok! If you stop the freak show I’ll tell you!” her skin was tinted pink, I sat back down some time while I was reading her auras I had stood up, relaxing back into the trunk of the tree I stared ahead while some guys were walking past, “he said something about you.”

“Lots of people say stuff about me. What did he say?”

“He asked why you were so…”

“’So’ what?” I asked.



“Weird, strange, grotesque, odd, unusual, unnatural, abnormal, irregular, nonstandard, uncharacteristic, atypical, anomalous, peculiar, deviant, malformed. Take your pick”

“Are you sure he called me the freak?” I tried to laugh it off, but I was hurt, there I had thought was a decent guy, guess first impression were wrong, “why would he say that though? He barely know me”

“That what I thought, but apparently he heard the…rumours” she whispered the last part, like she could make it disappear.

“No point crying over spilt milk”.

“Or cum” I stared at her disbelievingly.

“You’re disgusting! Get away from me!”

“You know you want a piece of me Hoe! I bet under all that innocence you’re a” –

“In your dreams!” I shoved her, she nearly fell down.

“But Baby you said you’ll make all my dreams a reality” I laughed and was about to comment back when the bell rang, “Lunch is waaay to short”

“So is life!” I added.

“See you in hell” ‘Hell’ was out code name for physics, for some reason people thought that teens had nothing better to do other than learn how friction is used when we walk. Goody.

1 step closer hell, Friction added.

2 steps closer to hell, more Friction added.

3 steps closer to hell, a lot of Friction added.

Yeah I know, I am one of those teen who has nothing better to do so the learn all that physics then proceed to learn it again and again and again…well the cycle goes on.

Tick tock, tick tock.

I swear could the clock be any slower? I want to leave! Okay 30 seconds that’s all, just 30 seconds!

“…and that wraps up the theory. The homework for tonight is to read the first 50 pages, remember you have two days and three nights to complete this. There will be a test on it on Monday so…NO EXCUSES! I don’t want to hear petty comments on how, and I repeat from the mouth of” – he shot a look to Mia the Barbie of the class – “ ‘But sir I seriously need a Mani/Padi so like what else did you expect me to do?’ wow I never heard such a great excuse, while we’re at it princess let’s call Hitler, you Wolf why did you do that to the Jew’s ‘cause I wanted a Mani/Padi’”, he stared at Mia mockingly.

I had to hand it to the guy he had balls, that glare was quadruple the intensity of Summers.

Just as he finished the bell rang signalling the end of a tiring day, and the beginning of the week-end.

I walked out the class, last as always. I walked to my locker where I found Summer leaning on it, “where we going?”

“Mine?” I offered.

“God I could use some ice-cream, got a ride?”

“Yeah, the usual, they want to stop at Starbucks first?”

She did that one shoulder shrug which usually indicated a ‘yeah why not?’ message.

As we made our way out the school, I saw the parking lot, the teachers got the spaces closest to the buildings, as we walked down the parking lot I saw a lot of cars, and they looked like rainbows if you ran past them.

We went out the parking lot down the road which led to the small alleyway, down the alleyway we came to the garage, it black door gleamed all the sides were a ceramic white and the door was black chrome, it poured mystery.

“Open the goddamn door, I’m freezing!” it was getting a bit cold.

I clicked the button on the key.

The garage door slid open showing a sleek black Lexus RX, I liked my car, I liked it a lot!

“Why don’t you show your baby off, nothing to be ashamed of?”

“God forbid the freak should be a rich orphan!” I joked.

Sum gracefully stroked the hood of my car, I got it for myself, well me and summer went out to get myself a car when I was sixteen, I didn’t get to have a sweet sixteen, because there was no one to celebrate with, and a party for two is LAME!

“How’s Marvin?” Marvin was my dad’s best friend, my parents didn’t have any family, you can say it ran in the family to have no family. The only person I ever knew to give everything up to look after me.

We slipped in to the car; of course I was in the driver seat.

“He isn’t getting better, the cancer is spreading, and they found another tumour”, I noticed my hands started shaking.

“You didn’t cause him anything! You didn’t do anything! Remember that!”

I felt the bile come up my throat, the back of my throat felt like sandpaper, I felt tears slip down my cheeks “Sum, he was fine! The second he started looking after me all these tumours came, I’ve checked his medical profiles, he was HEALTHY” –

“How many times do I have to say this, you aren’t the FREAKING OMEN! It was just a coincidence!”

“I bet H” –

“Don’t say her name”.

Summer turned her head and faced her window, I stared down my hands they were shaking so much it looked like they were dancing their own sort of dance.

“You know what can you drop me off at home?” Summer asked.

“Summer” –

“NO! Just take me home.”

Her hands were shaking also, but mine were stopping, though she might not show it summer has always blamed me for her death.

I revved the engine, I drove out the garage, it had its own sense detector thingies and the garage door closed on its own.

End of chapter

The End

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