The First Thing.Mature

Myra spent most of her life hiding from a dream, well the person inside a dream, now he is in her school and she just cant get him to go away.



The first thing.

Porcelain skin.

That’s all I get in my dreams, porcelain skin. A faceless person dressed in a black cloak, the big cloak hiding the form of its gender, then it would glide quickly towards me and for an unexpected reason I would run.

My thoughts would be incoherent; the only thing that would run though my mind would be to, well in better words RUN FOR MERCY!!!

I blamed my dreams for everything that has happened to me, for the fact my parents left me when I was ten because I was too weird, the fact that everyone I loves leaves me, the fact that I am a social pariah in school because of it.

They never stop, when I have hope they come back, when I lose all hope they leave, they make me wonder, they make me shudder, at the end they are dreams not nightmares, I was never scared in them…just shocked.

The End

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