The First snow fell.

This is a short story about a character Katherin. An innocent yet guilt stricken woman.

It was september, the first day of it to be precise. It had been exactly a year and a half since Katherin and Clearance had moved to calgary. They never stayed anywhere longer than two years anymore. Katherin hated the fact that they had to leave. Most of the time she's ok with it but not this time. This time was different. She loved Calgary and had grown attached to the ideal of spending the rest of their lives there. She especially loved it when it snowed, which was nearly half the year. They didn't live exactly in Calgary, they were more on the outskirts of it. Close enough to have a vauge knowledge of the people who lived there but far enough that they could live a semi-remote life. She loved their little cottage. It was a very old cottage, though slightly modernised when you are inside it. It was right at the top of a little hill in a clearing in the woods. The true beauty of the cottage was only shown when it was covered in a layer of snow. 

Dispite all this they had to move and quick as they knew Lawrence was gaining on them more and more each day. Katherin was begining to lose track of how long they had been running. She knew it was somewhere between eight and ten years but she just wasn't sure anymore. She never wanted to live like this. Always running, constantly moving forward. A new identity for every new country. It was her fault really. Sure Clearance was there and all but, when it comes down to it she was the one who pulled the trigger. They had only been married two years at that stage. He says he doesn't blame her, whether she pulled the trigger or not they would have been running. Maybe not from Lawrence but certainly from the law. That man was the only thing that stood between their freedom and jail. Looking back on it she wished that she had never agreed to rob that bank with him ... or the one before it. Yes they were desperate but maybe, just maybe if they had of hung on. Maybe they could have gotten out of the whole mess without hurting anyone. 

Katherin was in the kitchen she liked to go there to think, also it gave the best view of the back garden. Looking out the window always calmed her down. She got so rapped with guilt and fear. The image of the white snow always took that away. How was she to know the guy had a son, let alone that he was such a psycopath. Then again, revenge can drive us all to the edge and change who we are. She never should have looked him up. She knew it was a mistake when she did it but she had to. She felt like she should at least try to appologize. Maybe if she had of just left him alone they wouldn't have to go round changing their identitys every two years.

All of a sudden she was disrupted by a large scream from the front garden. Clerance had been out there chopping wood and the sudden yell frightened Katherin. She hope he hadn't dropped a log on his foot again. Last time it took weeks to heal. Katherin ran out the front door in time to catch clearance's head in her lap. Shock washed over her. Even though she had been expecting this for years, having imagined it in so many different scenarios, it didn't change the impact of it all. No amount of mental preperation could have gotten her ready for this moment. She could never have been ready to see Clearance laying in her lap helpless, grabbing at his throat as he tried desperatly to stop the bleeding.

She watched as the crimson fluid seeped out from his gaping wound, spilling across his torn top and dripping onto the snow. She became consumed in the image, as each drop changed the snow. Spreading through each of the tiny crystals, almost as if the snow was freezing the liquid on impact. There was a steely smell to the air as the warm blood continued to ooze out from his slit throat and trickled down his neck. There was a sharp stabbing feel in her chest as she felt her heart sink, watching as the blood started to drip over the other side, staining her jeans. She felt tears begin to build and run down the side of her face. The bitter liquid dripping off her cheek and mixing with his fresh blood. She tried as hard as she could to block out the gargling sound as he gasped for air, only to find that his mouth filled with blood. 

It began to snow again. Each new perfect little flake fell slowly, landing on his cheek and mixing with a small stream of irony blood that began to gush out of his mouth. She looked up. Aware of what was to come. She watched as lawrence wiped her husbands blood off her knife. He smiled down at her as she did so. All of Katherins muscles froze as she watched her, almost as if the snow had turned her into an ice sculpture. She knew what was going to happen. She had to know. Yet as the fear froze every muscle in her body, she couldn't help but be overcome with relief when she felt the sharp silver blade slicing her throat in one swift move. Colapsing over onto her husband the last thing she saw was the two gushing streams of crimson blood joining and flowing onto the beautiful fresh snow, crystalising into a sparkling ruby pool on the snow covered hill. Finally, Lavwrence walked away, her boot print engraved in their crystaline blood... for as long as Katherin would know. 

The End

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