The First Page

This story is hard to explain, as it's easier to just read it. But I'll do my best.

Lorna's story started when she was in mid-air. From there, it painted itself around her, and every question she had found itself an explanation. Except for one question.

Why did she feel like a blank page?

As her life creates itself before her eyes, Lorna tries to come to terms with the unfamiliar world that she's always known, and to discover what it is that doesn't feel right.

As she hurtled through the cold city air towards a grey, unfriendly-looking ground, it suddenly occured to Lorna that the decision she had just made might have been a slightly irresponsible one.

It had seemed, at the time, like a good idea to leap from the relatively high building with no likely chance of a soft landing. It was certainly an impressive thing to do; as the wind rushed through her hair, she decided that she probably looked amazing. But this didn't solve the ever-looming issue of the ground, which was beginning to worry her.

Thinking back to before she'd jumped, Lorna found that, for a horrible moment, her mind was totally blank. Then it formed, like a picture being slowly painted in her memory. A chase. That's what it was. A man behind her. Running up to the roof, barely thinking or breathing, then jumping. Each detail came only after a question as she asked it to herself. Who was the man? She didn't know. Why was he chasing her? She didn't... no, she did know. He was after something. He was after the ring she wore on her finger. The ring was gold, with a large, deep blue stone. Where had she got it? She'd stolen it.

This hit Lorna as somewhat of a surprise, until she remembered that she'd stolen many things, and it came naturally to her. She'd stolen this ring to... to sell. Above anything, she needed and wanted money. Before realising this, she hadn't thought about money at all. In fact, she didn't feel like she wanted anything. She felt blank.

She was just wondering if memories were supposed to work like this, when she hit the ground.

The End

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