The First Impression ...Mature

Dont judge a book by its cover. Thats what they always tell you in primary school. And to be honest, theyre right. You really shouldnt. But we do anyways, and thats what makes people so dangerous. Or at least, the people who know how to work this fact to their advantage ...

It had been six months, and to say the least i was bored already. To say the truth I was just really really restless. So that was why I decided to have some fun that weekend. To really let my hair down and go out to play. It was summer, although the weather outside didnt seem to know it, and everyone was going ot to someones house for general partying and underage drinking. So I was like, why not ? And of course I was welcomed right in with open arms, pathetic, trusting little smiles on all of their stupid faces.

It was boring for a while, whilst I had to wait for everyone else around me to get increasingly drunker and unaware. But after about two hours everyone was suffisantly intoxicated for it to be safe. The guys parents were out, I dont remeber the name of the guy, It might have been Marshall or someone, but anyways they were out, and that was convienient if anything as they would only have gotten in the way. I went upstairs, by myself all alone, into someones bedroom. I remeber there was a mirror in there, and I remember stopping and looking in it, all pale and silvery and delicate. There she was, the charming, happy, sweet girl that everyone else could see, smiling back at me. But it wasnt the smile she used for the others, the idiots downstairs, it was her true real smile. The smile that curled up the corner of her mouth in this maliscious little sneer, the smile that boasted proudly to the world that this girl, this wonder, was an evil little bitch and nothing would ever get in  her way.

The rest of me matched up perfectly with the 'sweet, butter-wouldnt-melt' illusion; perfect shiny blonde hair, bright blue eyes big enough to dive in to, moon-pale skin and a slim, delicate figure. Everything except that smile. And I loved it. I loved the fact that no one else knew, that I was the only one, that I was fooling them all. It was then that the fun really began.

The door swung open and someone practially fell into the room. I turned around whippet-quick, because you could never be too careful the way I was living then. But it was only this boy. He was in my physics class at school I remember, David I think he was called. I remeber he had this beautiful brown hair and these coffe brown eyes, like a little startled deer. He was all apologetic and nice and freindly, when he saw me, and he blushed a lot, because, well, I was beautiful and there and talking to him. Then I killed him. Just like that. Walked straight over and snapped his neck, like theyd taught me how. And I was so sorry afterwards. So sorry I almost cried with ... well, I dont know how I felt, like Id lost something precious and was never going to get it back. There was no guilt, because that had been drilled into us so hard that none of us could ever be capable of feeling guilt again.

But whatever, I got on with it after about two minutes, clearing up any traces of hair, skin etc. wiping his neck carefully with an antibacterial wipe to remove any traces of fingerprints. I left it clean, entirely, as usual. Nothing for anyone to find. Of course I had been reckless that time, not even making it look like an accident or anything. Totally spur of the moment which was not at all like me. But hey, we all have to live a little once in a while, right ?

Besides, three months time, I would be moving on again, so who the hell even cared ? I went downstairs, and this time I joined in, with the drunken rowdiness of the whole party. And god, it was good, just, relaxing. Just fun ...

The End

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