Beasts That Smells BloodMature

This is a five volume story about five different characters during the mist of a Zombie Epidemic.
The protagonist in each story will be meting the protagonist of the next volume at the end of there chapter.


In the distant still of night, on a seemingly endless road a truck comes to a stand still well approaching a crossroads. Standing alone in the middle of nowhere is a signpost underneath it a dim light.

(Robert) Damn... Did i miss it or are we lost?
(George) I knew it, i knew you would fuck this up.
(Robert) Hey, easy alright, i'll figure it out just give me a second.
(George) How hard can it be man, all you have to do is literally drive straight because there's like no turns for about oooh i don't know... one hundred miles.
(Robert) Shut the hell up and just give me the map, it's in the glove compartment. 
(George) Hear you go Columbus.
 (Robert) It looks like were about here but... there's nothing on this map about any four way fork in the road.
(George) Hand me the flashlight i'm going to go see if i can make out what the signpost says.

George leaves the truck and slowly makes his way to the signpost. A slow breeze pushing the thick fog along with the absence of moon light making it difficult to see.

(George) Well i can't really make out the top marker but i think it's... Boxon Road.. Foxon Road.. hell i don't know it's faded, the other two are.. Bassen Vally Pass and Pacific City. I don't know about you but think we should take the left road to Pacific. We need to fill up, also i'm kind of against freezing to death in the middle of Hickville, Nowhere U.S.A.
(Robert) Your such an asshole.. but you're not wrong, hop in let's get out of here. 

George put's the flashlight into his jacket pocket and get's back into the truck. Two hours go by before any sign of civilization, just the long winding road and the darkness that proceeds it.

(George) Do you like what your doing now?
I mean a Chef isn't exactly what i pictured you doing after the army.
(Robert) I don't know i guess it's fine for now, not my first choice but stick to what you know is not a bad way to get by.
(George) Well at least you get a choice.
(Robert) Not this again.
(George) All i'm saying is it could be a lot worse.
(Robert) Oh really, and by worse you mean never having to check your bank account.
(George) Why are you being such a prick about it.
(Robert) Prick, i'm being a prick?.. try working for a living.
(George) That's nothing, there's no comparing the problems of poverty to the overwhelming problems of wealth.
(Robert) You're delusional.
(George) All i'm saying is if you're not born with money then you'll never truly understand the problems that being attached to it will bring.
(Robert) Cry me a river, every day we have this same conversation and every time you come up with the same conclusion and it's about you being some over privileged asshole.
(George) You just don't get it, the pressure is always going to be there, i'm never going to be able to get out of my Father's shadow.
(Robert) Please, you've done whatever you want whenever you want okay. you never spent a single work day with your dad.
(George) I'm going to spend the rest of my life going from Shipyard to Shipyard till i'm too old to realize i wasted my life just like my grandfather, that's the Sheppard family legacy.
I want to build something of my own, make my own mark on the world is that so much to ask.
(Robert) Oh, Fuck you and the Porsche you rode in on.

Robert and George began laughing uncontrollably. Before they realize it another hour fly by then in the distance they reach a mile marker reading fifty one miles to Pacific City. Robert and George both began to breath a sigh of relief.

(Robert) So come on..
(George) What..
(Robert) The fuck what.. the ring man, you've been wearing that abomination on your hand now for like the passed two weeks, even before the trip.
(George) Abomination?, This is style
(Robert) Style!.. oh okay really is that what that is.
(George) Yes that's what this is, i wouldn't expect you to know anything about that anyway.
(Robert) What's that suppose to mean?
(George) That means.. in the year twenty sixteen you dress like it's the year nineteen sixty.
(Robert) That's bullshit.
(George) Tassels!, you own three jacket's that have tassels.  
(Robert) So what! 
(George) So what!? i'll tell you what, there's like only three things that have use for tassels.. number one is strippers.
(Robert) A noble profession. 
(George) Number two is Bike handles and three is uhh..
(Robert) What.. what is three, there you see you don't even know what three is.
(George) I don't know.. fucking curtains. 
(Robert) Alright, you win... got me there. Serious man... i've known you for fourteen years and in all that time i've never seen you once were any type of jewelry. 
(George) Well i don't know.. I started seeing this girl before we left and she gave me this ya know, nothing more then that.
(Robert).. Before we left huh... well that's good man, i'm happy for you.
(George) ....
(Robert) Wish i could say the same you know, i mean me and Trish aren't really talking after the whole split and well.. i think she's seeing someone now but who know's right? I mean fuck it i haven't seen her for about a week... maybe two.
(George) I'm sorry to hear that.. look i'm going to get some sleep before we switch so wake me when your ready okay.
(Robert) Alright.

Time began to stretch as the night lingers for what seems like forever to Robert, the night on the road weighs heavy and begins to wear on Robert's mind. In the distance a bright light alluminates the danger to come.

(Robert) What the hell... is that, George... George wake the hell up!

The truck comes to a quick approach then a grinding halt. George and Robert see a blazing in a fire consuming a car on the side of the road with two people trapped inside moving around banging on the window and another person crawling out from the wreckage.

(Robert) Quick get the hammer from the toolbox in the back! 

Robert quickly removes the key's from the ignition and throwing them on the dashboard. They kick open the truck doors, George grabs the hammer and run's over to the car and attempts to smash the back window wailing away at it.Robert runs to the aide of the woman lying face down on the ground. He's hesitant to touch her because of the massive pool of blood seeping out from underneath her face. Robert frantically began to speak out loud. 

(Robert) God... it's okay, it's okay everything is going to be alright do you hear me.

Robert flips the woman onto her back exposing massive bite marks across the entire left side of her face and neck. Just then the echoing of shattered glass rings out. George throes the hammer on the ground next to his feet and reaches his arm into the back window of the car.

(George) Take my hand, come on you can reach it!

A burst of flame shoots out scorching George's face forcing him to recoil and back away. The screams of the two people in the car ceases as they become engulfed in the flame. George looks on helplessly with the mixed emotions of anger, fear and most of all sadness. Robert began yelling breaking the silents of the crackling flame.

(Robert) George! get over here hurry up, i think she's dead but i.. i'm not sure.

George quickly makes his way to Robert, as he approaches George witnessing the horrific and gruesome corpse of the woman. They both stand aside the woman's body fearful and stunned of what had just transpired or what would come next. Both George and Robert attempt to gather some semblance from this morbid happening, but to no avail there mind's still frozen as if they were submerged deep within pool of concrete nearly petrified. The only sound for miles is the fire roasting the car crackling in the breeze.Long and torturous seconds pass along side the silents lingering. But just as the there mind's began to adjust the silents is broken.
Air returning to lungs, chest expanding, breath seeping out of the mouth, eye's rolling opening, the twitching of muscle, the tapping of fingers on glass, the quite moaning of a corpse and finally the smell of blood in the air.
Robert and George turn there gaze towards the car.A blood smeared streak glazed across the back window by the burnt woman inside the car. The old man in the passenger seat slowly turns his head appearing to look out the window at George. The woman in the back seat continues to tap her burnt broken fingers agents window. Robert grips George's shoulder, shaking him trying to get him back to the truck. George's concentration is locked as he peers into the empty burnt out eye sockets of the old man. The woman laying by Robert's feet begin to extensively inhale and exhale, her hand grips Robert's leg pulling him down to the ground. She crawls onto Robert's back then sinks her teeth into his left shoulder blade causing him to cry out in excruciating pain. George turns to see what had happened and witnesses the woman ripping into Robert's back. He panics and begins to run towards the truck, as he get's into the driver seat he locks the doors and frantically searches for the keys grabbing them off the dashboard starting the truck. Robert's scream stop George from driving away, he look's out the window at his friend contemplating whether or not to get out the truck.
At first hesitant then flinging open the door George runs to the hammer he dropped on the ground picking it up then making his way over to the woman, with both hands gripping the hammer he lifts it over his head and brings it crashing down into the skull of the woman.
A gruesome sound followed by a disturbing splatters covers George's face and chest in the woman's blood, with the hammer sunk into the back of the woman's head George rolls her dead body off of Robert and attempts to wake him from his unconscious state.
Robert drifting in and out of consciousness fails to understand what was transpiring around him. George using all his strength lifts Robert over his shoulders and carries him to the truck placing him in the passenger seat. George gets in the driver's side puts the truck into drive, just before George departs he take's one last look at the old man inside the burning car.
(George) What the hell are you...

The old man begins to have convolutions as his skull collapses into it's self from the fire spreading from his body burning through his head. The woman in the back seat places her nose to the crack in the upper window. Her nostrils flair and she becomes enraged with the sent of blood wafting through the air. George slams his foot down on the gas leaving a trail of dust drifting behind him in the wind.
Half hour later George sees the city lights of Pacific in the horizon.
(George) Look there it is, hey Robert stay with me come on. Robert! can you hear me we're almost there.
Robert's blood loss and suffering began to wear on him to the point of hysteria. In a soft dazed voice Robert began talking to George. 

(Robert) You left me... you didn't come back for me... why didn't you come back for me?
(George) Robert i'm right here alright, i'm right beside you. Okay i need you to nod your head if you can understand me Robert.
(Robert) You took the truck and left me to die...
(George) What, no no i did come back for you Robert okay, see your right hear in the truck next to me. Do you understand?

George come's to a giant sign written with desert boulders reading Welcome to Pacific City. As he enters the city it's outward appearance and absence of citizens on the streets make it seem almost abandoned except for the few cars scattered about and lit street lamps. George pulls into a gas station, above the building is a half lit marque which reads Miller Brother's Gas and Tire Repair Auto Mechanics Extrodonair.
Almost right away George notices there is something very wrong with the station as he pulls into the lot and parks. There are gas pumps hanging out from their units, two cars abandoned with their doors left wide open and the entrance door shattered with glass scattered over the ground. The smell of gasoline fumes in the air is sickening as if the entire lot had been doused in it. George reaches in the back seat of the truck grabbing a tire iron, he opens Robert's hand then places it in his palm.
(George) Just in case, I'll be right back i'm going to get you some help try not to move around.
George put's the keys in his pocket and steps out of the truck, his foot splashes into a puddle of gasoline covering his boots and pants. He shrugs his head mumbling profanities under his breath then locks the truck doors and make's his way to the station entrance.
As George approaches the store his feet walking across the broken glass make him stop to regain his nerves before entering. The flickering lights inside the building began to shut off one by one almost systematically. A loud humming noise began rumbling the walls, red emergency lights slowly flash on and off. In a moment of hesitance George takes a step back contemplating whether or not he should proceed any farther inward. George nervously brushes his hand against his jacket wiping off the sweat from his palms remembering in that moment he reaches into his pocket pulling out the flashlight he used to check the signpost earlier. He points the beam of the light along the floor catching and reflecting splats of what is unmistakably blood scattered about trailing to the cashier desk. Making his way to the counter George sees upon first glance a massive pool of blood seeping into the cracks of the wooden floor behind the desk. Putting the flashlight aside George places his open palms flat on the counter top leaning over to see the trail of blood vanishing into a hallway behind a open door. Flashing lights from behind the open door catch his attention, a echoing burst followed by the generators humming coming to a dead stop leaves the room in darkness. George feeling understandably nerve shaken proceeds no farther behind the counter. Just as he began to turn and walk away the sound of shuffling foot steps on a creaking floor stopped him. Emerging from the shadow the silhouette of a person confronting George appears in the open doorway. Unsure and fearful in who he was addressing George in a soft panicked voice began to plead for assistance.

(George) I need help my friend is wounded. He's just in the truck over there, please hurry i think he's bleeding out.

A few seconds of silents lingered in the air as the person standing in the hallway lent no response.

(George) Hey did you hear me!I said i think my friend is dying call the police!

The thought of the blood on the floor and the shattered entrance door sinks into George's mind. His attitude quickly changes the tone of his voice from aggressive to nonthreatening. Robert lifts his arm towards the person in the doorway showing his palm outward.

(George) Are you alright, who's blood is that.. is that your blood?

No words were spoken just the soft creaking of the floor underneath the person feet. Robert's intuition tells him to leave as quickly as he possibly can.

(George) Look... i'm just going to back away to the door alright, i'm just going to leave...

George's hand began shaking as he reaches over the counter for the flashlight, he grips it then points the beam of light at the bottom of the doorway revealing a man wearing a jumpsuit with a name tag reading Jim Miller. George slowly lifts the shedding light upward. In his mind there were no words for what his eye's had fallen upon. A man with the lower part of his jaw removed, his half severed tongue dangling down his neck from a massive slit in the throat just below the adam's apple, severed fingers mashed into his upper teeth. George's fingers loosen the grip on the flashlight, it drops from his hand rolling in a circular motion then coming to a stop lighting up scattered teeth laying about on the floor. The shock of seeing this man began turning George's mind into a state of numbness.
Robert's eye's slowly open, groaning he painfully wraps his arms around his abdomen sitting up peeling his blood soaked back from the seat. He lifts his hand puzzled about the tire iron hes's grasping then places it down next to his feet. He feels as if his stomach is in knots and his head splitting open. Robert places his hands over his eye's keeping them covered for a few seconds attempting to adjust and focus his distorted vision.
Removing his hands from his eye's Robert see's the hazed outline of a woman running directly towards the front of the truck. A loud shriek echoes followed instantly by the woman leaping face first over the hood of the truck smashing against the front window cracking the glass from the impact forcing Robert to jump up and smash the right side of his head into the roof. Blood began to trickle down the right side of his face into his eye, quickly using his sleeve he wipes away the blood streaming down his forehead and applies pressure to the cut. The woman expose her blood stained gums and teeth then continues gnawing away at the glass trying to get to Robert, the pressure she applies forcing her face into the window brakes her neck. The woman still snapping her mouth biting the air flails around on the hood of the truck like a fish out of water until her body rolls off the side of the truck. Using what diminished strength he has remaining Robert leans his body over to the driver side seat placing his hand over the ignition in an attempt to start the truck. Finding only an empty starter he frustratingly pounds his fist several times against the steering wheel yelling out loud.

(Robert) No!.. no no no no, were the hell are the keys!

Robert grips the door handle and pushes himself up coming face to face with a man standing on the other side of the driver side window. Robert is scared speechless as steam seeping out from the man's mouth fogs up the glass. A moment of silents is lingering as the fog fades from the window and Robert pears into the blank white eye's of the man standing on the other side. The man tilts his chin upwards flaring his nostrils inhaling immensely.Robert remains eye contact keeping one hand on the door handle and slowly glides his other hand along the seat behind him blindly searching for the tire iron. The man exposes his teeth grinding his uper mouth against his lower jaw with so much force his teeth crack under the pressure splitting his gums open causing blood to trail down his lips. Breaking eye contact with Robert the man turns his head away from the truck widening his mouth then snapping it shut shattering his teeth, the man whips his head and shoulders forward crashing his body halfway threw the window ramming his head into Robert's chest knocking Robert clear to the other side of the truck crashing into the passenger door.
The man continuously thrashes his upper torso on the driver seat while repeatedly hitting his head on the steering wheel, his arms pinned against his lower torso in the window opening prevents him from moving any farther into the truck. He snaps his mouth flashing his jagged teeth at Robert. The wound on Robert's back tears wider smearing his blood everywhere painting the seats red. The pain from Robert's shoulder blade is enough to afford him a short burst of adrenaline, Robert reaches down grasping his hand around the tire iron lifting it above the seat and placing it between him and the man. With full force Robert lifts it over the man's skull and brings it crashing down several times causing splats of blood and shards of bone fragments to scatter into the air staining the dash board. After several seconds of Robert bashing the man's skull the movement of the man come to a gruesome and sudden stop.His hands shaking in Robert's grip dose not allow his fingers to release the tire iron from his hand, he leans his body resting his back against the passenger door unable to remove his gaze from the man's corpse. His hand's stiffly open dropping the tire iron on the seat, a pain shoots from Robert stomach forcing him to curl forward lifting his shirt looking down at his bruised abdomen seeing what appears to be broken ribs from underneath his skin. From behind Robert's head on the passenger window two heavy sounds impact the glass proceeded instantly by the third sound shattering the window.
A blood soaked hand with shards of glass sunk into it's knuckles reaches threw the opening grabbing Robert by his hair. Robert quickly swings his arms over his head using both his hands to grab the wrist of the person grasping his head, with full force he pulls forward freeing himself from the person's grasp. Without contemplation Robert reaches to the seat grabbing the tire iron turning and swinging it over his shoulder colliding it into the person's head causing the person's arm retract through the window. Panting heavily Robert takes a few seconds to clear his mind and regain his train of thought, reaching over he lifts the door handle then began sliding out of the driver side entrance dropping to the ground adding more injury to his ribs and shoulder. Moaning in agony Robert finds the strength to push himself up from off the ground, he wraps his arm around his abdomen applying pressure to his ribs then begins limping his way around the truck so that he could witness the person he just killed. Robert's feet slid along the ground coming to a sudden stop he stumbles back hitting the truck then drops to his knees, his eye's widen as he gazes upon the horror of his actions.
Laying on the ground with his face nearly concave is George. 

Moments earlier...
A loud shriek followed instantly by a crashing sound echoes from outside. The noise sends the man standing in the doorway into a rage pounding his fists against the wall then making a run towards George. George quickly turns and runs making his way to the door, just before exiting his foot slides along the scattered glass causing him to fall backwards hitting his head against the metal railing of the entrance. The man running full force crashing into cashier counter flipping over the desk landing face first into the the ground. George leans his body against the wall sliding upward coming to a stand placing one hand to the back of his head, too unbalanced to move in any direction he extends his arm gripping onto a magazine rack to keep him from falling down .The man pushes himself up from the ground, taking four long striding steps coming face to face with George wrapping his hands around George's neck and leaning his full weight on top of George forcing him to the ground. The panic of the asphyxiation sets into George's mind as his eye's began to bulge and he gasps for oxygen. He flails his legs around sliding the heals of his feet along the ground pounding his fists against the man's arms. Blood streaming out from the man's severed tongue pours into Robert's mouth forcing him to swallow it as he gasps for air.
In his last seconds George's vision slowly becomes blurred fading away into darkness.
Robert kneels down placing his jacket underneath Georges head, a few moments of silents linger. In a soft graveled voice Robert says his last goodbyes to his friend.

(Robert) I.. I'm so sorry George, i didn't know.. i just, i mean if i had woken up sooner maybe you'ed still be alive... 

Robert gives a few seconds of silents for George.

(Robert ) Remember.. do you remember that time in your old house when we broken into your father's office and decided to rearrange and play like we were business men.. 

Robert began to laugh and cry at the same time as wiped tears from his cheek.

(Robert) And your dad walked in and found you playing around with that giant model ship of his, he almost had a hart attack, he didn't let you go anywhere for a whole month.
I know it's stupid now but i was so afraid.. you were the only friend i had and i thought we were never going to hang out again ya know.. but then you showed up at my house with your dad's  card and we went out and just went crazy buying all the best games at the time.  I really miss that house.. those times.
I always knew however long, you would eventually show back up like you were never gone.

Robert turns his head away from George wiping the tears from his face.

You know George.. i guess there's no reason to hold back anymore. 
I knew about you and Patrisha.. i was going to tell you that before the trip but i just didn't know how to do it. 
Goodbye George.

Robert wipes away the tears from his eyes, rising up to his feet he inhales deeply taking one last look at George. Robert stumbles over to his truck, he reaches into the back seat pulling out a spare jacket from a duffle bag then painfully puts it on.
A flash of blinding headlight swerving around the corner of the gas station frightens Robert, a speeding car pulls into the station slamming it's brakes stopping just shy of colliding into Robert. The rough sound of the engine of the car shuts off but the lights remain on, Robert hovers his arm just above his eye's to shade his vision.The car door is kicked open, a person steps out into the shadows, the sound of footsteps makes it's way to the front of the car.The shadowy outline of a person standing in front of the bright lights looks on at Robert in silent.

The End

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