The First DayMature

I'd been told to meet the owner outside a cafe on the high street, I was nervous as hell.  First day nerves are always bad, given the nature of the job I had just accepted I had expected my stomach to be in knots but I was half way through my packet of cigarettes and I hadn't even got to work yet.

I was just lighting up another cigarette when a tall blonde walked towards the cafe.  Given the hour of day, I made a rather large assumption about her based on how she was dressed and how she carried herself. I thought for a moment this may be the lady I was there to meet, so I gave her my trademark half smile as she approached. 

It wasn't who I was waiting for. The blonde, who was not only tall but the physical embodiment of "statuesque", breezed past me in a cloud of perfume, pushing the door open with a foot as she rummaged in her bag for her purse.

I had the decency to feel slightly bad about the assumption I had made about her based on her looks and time to finish my cigarette before the cafe was approached by another lady. This time there was no mistaking that the lady striding towards me, was in fact the Madam I had come to meet.

At that moment as introductions were made, the door to the cafe swung open again.  Out came the blonde, carrying a plate and three cups of coffee.

"you look like you take yours black, but i grabbed you a cream just in case" this she said to me as she handed me one of the coffees she was struggling to carry.

"This is Kerry, aka Melinda," I was told with a nod to indicate I should take the coffee

"you'll be assisting her today. lets go open up then you two can get to know each other over your coffee".

And so began my first day, my grandmother would be so proud.

The End

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