And so she spouted the cliche "I thought you were different,"

"You know, nothing against you, but somehow at times you do feel; is life only about getting someone in bed? Where are the days of having fun in exploring someone or making a new friend or a romance which builds on slowly, gone?"

He was not looking at her so far but this felt like the end of the date and he looked at her to say something.

Something that will not make him look like a loser or some one who has no life.

He could see the disappointment on her face. "Gosh I need to say something" he thought. But words and that too right words at the right time is not something common with men and he blurted out "I was just trying to have some fun"

"Fun? Maybe our definitions of fun are different. I guess I will leave now. What a shame I really liked you".

The End

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