Meet the Jones Clan

We were on or way to see the family,I felt nervers but happy because george was happy asswell and when he was happy I was happy.I thought about how would his family look like ,would they like me would they even let me marry him,There we were driveing in a black tinted car and the radio was full on with paramore playing on it ,and as I said I loved rocked music they made my day and I felt happier and felt better about myself than usually.


Then a small narrowed road enterd a big house with wide open views there we were ready to enter the house and George enterd first shouting Hellow and then a small little fairy kind of a girl camed and welcome me her name was Rose she had black hair pale smooth skin and yellow golden eyes she was so perfect.Then a big Welcome camed from Jake he had a pale face and was big  and tall he had black hair asswell and it had a tiny curved on the top.Then his Mother and father camed down and welcome me to the family and there name was Kate and Johnathon they were pleased to see me and me and kate got onreally well we started to plan our wedding all ready,Blue flowers red roses we could agree with each other.

Then George camed to talk with me and show me the ring he gaved me it it was a large dimond ble silver ring and on the silver circle it was carved withe the initiatals of B+G forever and I Kissed him quickly and then went back to arange the wedding.My dress would have to be white like my dream and it was it was the most beatifull dress I have ever seen and If mum was here she would agree with me too,that reamind me of something what will my mother and father think were I was now,Probably they have phoned the police and arrange a rescue team but I dont need any rescue team I only need George and his family and that about it.

That Night I was laying on the bed with george in my arms and then I told my self I need to do a reveange to Daimien because all he did to me was break my heart when I was in Pain and in hospital and I have found a way.I'll ask George to help me and I wonderd inmy mind will he Or will he not .

The End

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