While I lay next to george on the bed we both huged and then that moment came I saw visions of my memorise in my life,I saw mother and father getting married ,I saw the crash I saw entire evrything that happen to me,the heartbreaks my old friends and then I jumped off the bed and then he saw that I was thirsty by the way my eyes were bright pure Red and he could see that I was in pain because my throught was burning inside a oven and then he grabed one of my hand and take me to the woods.

I didnt want to drink human blood but I wanted anything to clear this pain and then it suddently happend I had my first animal food it was a wolf and it was really tasty but smelled bad.I was still hungry and then I ated a Mountain Lion it was so crispy and very juicy but If I was a human I would have hated this.Then suddently I rememberd my shiny silver volvo and Daimien and the good old times then the sun was shinying on our body's and all you could see was my skin so dazzling and my face asswell and his face too.Ismiled happily and very joyfull.

After a while I went back to the house I never looked at the house from the frount before it was beatifull,It was like a fantasy dream with a little garage outside then he showed me his cars they were black and he also had a silver volvo and he said this is yours.

I was happy now It was perfect this life the vampire world it was like a dream I t was alot better than famose people lifes,no drugs,no Smokeing no hurt people the onlything I hated about it was drinking human blood but I didnt have to do it .

Im liveing in the fantasy,Im dead but Im still on the beatifull planet liveing free and wildley with my Vampire boyfriend and my tottaly beatifull life.I'm the most dengerouse creature on this earth and my beaty is the most perfect and I'm not ashemed to look at myself in the mirror now because I know Im beatifull.

My human life has had it best of memories and now Im going to relive my life again with my vampire boyfriend too will be in this one.

Then we went upstairs and there we laid on the red bed talking and laghing and huging eachother and kissing.

Suddently it happend he poped the question he asked me to marry him and I tottaly said yes!!

He said we would have to met his vampire family and I agree and then he went to the phone and phoned his clan.My tummy was full of buterflys and I had a feeling that this is my home and im going to be the new Mrs Jones and I agree with myself.He camed back and kissed me Passiontly and there we laid onthe bed until night came.

The End

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