Awoken by an angels face

I awoke startled and sweaty. He was there, smiling at me. His golden eyes looking into mine with such beauty knowone could behold it. I placed my palm on his cheek. He placed his palm on mine.

"I love you, even if it does mean that I've hurt your relationship with the human. Your one of us now. A vampire." I stared at him. Then ran across that beautiful bedroom to look in the mirror.

I was beautiful, with golden eyes and lushus hair. I beholded it. I twirled my finger in my hair, round and round. It was magical.

"Who are you?" I whispered when i turned to look at him sitting on my bed.

"My name is George, I'm a vampire, and now you are to." He looked at me and smiled.

"I'm a...this just dosen't make any sense." I cried, placing my hands over my eyes in pain. I didn't love this creature, he was beautiful and amazing but I didn't love him. I loved Daimien. Even if he didn't love me any more.

He was suddenley in front of me, taking my hands away from my face and holding them in his. "Love, We are on Vera Island, We will stay together. We will love eachother, they way Daimien used to love you. We belong together." He whispered to me.

I knew I loved George more than Daimien. I actually did. But I couldn't colaborate the feelings that I had for George. I was a vampire. He was a vampire. We both understood eachother.

I took George's hands away and went to stand on the balcony of the beach house, staring at the island and sea. I looked at the rising sun on the horizon. It was beautiful.

George walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Do you love me?" He asked.

"I do." I replied. looking into the rising sun again. "I want to enjoy this, I want to enjoy this while it is here. Stay with me." I said to George.

"Forever." He agreed. He took my hand as we both looked at the horizon and I knew, this was home.

The End

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