My Worst Nightmare Became True !

I went home now I felt better now the ache had gone away.The only ache I had now is the heartbroken ache that Damien left me in hospital,I really felt scared and petrified after the car incident.It was a creature I know it,it had yellow golden eyes with a nasty grin and brown Spike hair.Probably my boyfriend thinks I'm kinda nuts when i mention him it was the creature,probably that why he left me at the hospital all alone heartbroken I doubt it.

When I got home I went for a quick shower and it made me calm myself down.Mum and dad was looking after me as a baby but I didn't need it,I can look after myself.Then I went to bed to sleep it was about 8.00.I had an outrageous nightmare he or that thing was comeing to get me.

Suddently......I opend my eyes and that nightmare became true,that thing,that creature was standing on my belcony looking at me with it's golden shiny eyes and it pale skin,he looked like an angel,I wanted to shout but I couldent he was stopping me in a way but I couldent know how.He came more close I could hear him wisper I'm not going to hurt you.I felt happy but scared,He said you will be like me tommorow and I couldent understand what did he mean about being like him , I asked him was it you that tried to kill me in the car inicent today and he said yes but I was helping you in a way I didnt want you to go out with that Damien kid youre too good for him,I stared at him this creature and then I said mind youre buissness,I love him though you dont know what love is .

However I asked him why he wanted me,he told me that my scent was the most beatifull thing he had ever smelled,then I tride to figure out what is this creature what is this animal,then in my slite mind I told myself he's a Vampire.

Then I told him "Your'e a Vampire ".

He asked If Im okay with that.I was scared but in a way I was happy that I have found this beatifull creature that had a face of an angel.

Then suddently it happend ..

He kissed me and it felty better than fireworks it felt like hot chocolate with marshmellows and then he kissed my neck and then it happend I felt it his big sharpe K9s were in my neck and then I felt the burning in my head,He was trying to help then he lift my head and said you'll be okay and I then started to feel the strong heart ripped into and I couldent hear my heart anymore only the soar pain in my throught.

Then he picked me up and he flyed across the vancover sea and into a island that was called Vendi Island and then I was on a bed and then I woked up .......

The End

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