The Shadow creature

I felt more comfortable today,I was more happy because I didnt fell nervers to go to school because first I had new friends,second I could tell that Daimien is falling in love with me and third boys couldent stop staring at me,that was a good thing but I was really confused me the most hot girl in school,I was pale and fragile.

That morning dad went to work early,he said goobye to me and then kissed mum on her forehead after that mum went to make me some eggs with toast after then I got my bag ready for school,as I walk out the frount door,I saw something in the woods moving but I ignored it and went into my shiny silver volvo and headed off to school.While siting in the car I thought about what was that creature,animal,human in the forest and then I said to myself it wasunt anything only a shadow! Ashadow that made me confused and puzzeld all through the way to school I told myself I must be tired or something.The shadow was tall black and very fast and you could hear a small animal in the background shouting for life.

At last I drive into the school parking lot and went into my space.It was then when I suddently realize that daimien was there waiting for me.He had that smile again today as I walk out of the car and then something strange happened he tooked his hand around me,and then I felt  that I was happy here.After that he asked me to go to a movie tonight and I said Yes!! As we walk into our first class,I felt like Vancover is my home now.We strolled down the big large corridoors and went into the history room were we sat besihide eachother again,this made me happy and I wonderd If this could last forever.


The bell rang it was 3.30 and I was excited to be going on a date with daimien to the cinema tonight,While I was in the parking lot,I said goodbye to my friend daimien and then he told me that he would pick me up about 7.00 and then I  rushed home to change and put some makeup on because it was my first date.Mother and father were going on like babies asking things like who is he,is he good looking and then I told them to shut up.I never had this feeling before,this was like a fireworks feeling and my tummy were full of buterflies.I was wearing a blue tight gown and some small dolly shoes that matched just well and my hair were just the natural me.

At last I could hear the mini outside stoping and then the door bell rang,then I opened the door he was there he looked very smart and perfect .After that he holded my hand and we walked at the black mini and Iwaved goodbye at my mother and father.When we arived at the cinema we went  and picked a romantic movie that was also a comedy and we laghed all through it.

He was looking at me evrytime and I was aswell.He puted his hand over my sholder and he gaved me a cheesy smile that made me laghed so much.After the movie finished we went outside into the car,we went into the car and then he passiontly kissed me,this felt better than fireworks this was like I was off to Haven or on a beautifull holiday.

Then it happend suddently a huge rore camed over my sholder a looked directly from my side there was a black jeep was comeing directly to me.

Then it Happend a big crash.

I couldent feel anything only see visions of the shawdow and then I opend my eyes I was at the hospital.

The End

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