A brand new day for a brand new me

I arrived at school in my perfect new silver Volvo. It was quite chilly but I had the air-conditioner on and the volume up on my radio as I listened to Paramore. It wasn't very sunny, and the clouds were grey and murky in the sky but I went to school like any other day.

I guessed correctly that people were looking at me. I hadn't been very noticed in Calafornia, I guess I was now. I found it quite strange as I pulled into a car space and turned the heater off. Then I got out of the car and closed the door, then walked to the front office.

A chubby woman with glasses looked up at me as I entered. I walked over to her. "Hi. I'm new here?" I said to her. " I moved here from California."

"Oh yes!" She replied, urgently running around the office and grabbing different sheets of paper and handing them to me. " This one is your timetable, it should tell you about all of your lessons and who will teach you and where they are teaching you. And this is a map of the school. Your first lesson is English with Mr. Brown." The tubby woman said.

"Thank-you very much." I replied politely.

"Oh, and welcome abord." She said grinning. I smiled back, attempting to look like I would enjoy this day. I knew I wouldn't.

I walked to English, grumpy and tired. A boy walked up to me. He had blue eyes and brown thick hair.

"You're new here. I'm going to English to. Come on I'll show you the way." I looked at him.

"How do you know I'm new?" I asked him.

"You're the hottest girl I've ever seen here." He admitted not looking embarrassed whatsoever. Obviously I was.

English ran quickly sitting next to the boy.He seemed to talk to much but he was friendly.

I ended up sitting next to him at lunch with all of his friends. I felt a little bit orquard as all of the boys in the lunch hall stared at me. I wasn't important, why me? I watched girls envy me and glare at me. I felt like I was a girl in a beauty pagent. It wasn't very fun.

I eventually drove home from school in my lovely new car. We had a nice dinner and I had a shower and quickly went to bed.

I didn't want to wake up tommorow, I wanted to stay asleep. I loved my room and my car but school wasn't very good.

Ahwell, as I always say, life goes on.

The End

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