The Moving and Big Suprise

It was Jaunary the 8th and dad and mum and I packed our bags ready to go to Vancover.I was really sad at the time leaving all my mates behind,but I had to go to Vancover to live because dad was looking foreword to be a doctor ,and I didnt want to let him down.I could see in my mothers eyes that she was sad aswell but she didnt show it .Then we were off on the plane.I felt the sadness in my heart while looking through the window while we were taking off ,I could feel a teardrop on my cheek it was so cold .While i sat on the plane I caught a glimpse of the good memories at calarfornia while I was liveing their.

As I listend to some rock music I felt happier because rock music always cheer me up even when im far away from home.Me and my Mp3 were like sisters and rock were on my playlist evrytime stuff like Muse and Green Day and classical Rock.Dad sat next to me and he was asking me if I was okay evrytime he was getting on my nerves really.

After some hours we were there,we were in Vancover and I could see the sea and the tinny white dot of people as we flyed across Vancover . It was more chilli in Vancover than Calarfornia and it almost rained evry day here.My mother and dad said they  had a suprise for me when we got to the new house a Big suprise.While I sat in the red BMW car I looked around and saw lots of green trees and beatifull sceanary.

At last we were at the new house it was beatifull it was a small house that was white and it had a car outside and I was puzzeld and so confused at the time.Then mu and dad Shouted Suprise I was gob smaked.They bought me a silver shiny Volvo,I wasunt haveing my birthday till a week and i wasunt 17 till then but I was pleased my dream car was standing in frount of me and I said to myself,this is a brand new life and im gonna change myself compleatly.

And after I said that I Raned into the house like I was a four year old wanting some chocolate and then mum let me pick my room and oviously i picked my room by the trees of the forestside and there was a nice balcony and the room was just small and comfortable .

Then suddently I realized I felt like it was better than My original home in calarfornia,I had that good feeling that made me happy that I Jamped on my bed as I was full of Joy.Mum told me I was gonna go to the minerschool tommorow so I picked my best outfit and I slept good .

As I dreamed I felt happy but nervers that i had to go to school tommorow and me looking like this I was a Pale,fragile girl that wassuppose to be tan because i camed from a hot place that i really loved .

The End

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