The first Cut Is The Deepist

It about a girl Called Becky that lives with her family in Calafornia and then her family disides to move to Vancover because her dad has a new job as a doctor.She has to leave all her friends behind.While she Lives in Vancover she Falls in Love with a Boy Called Daimien.Her Live has suddently change into a dream but then something happens to her over night her dream life has turned into a Nightmare she's a Vampire!!Her Boyfriend is Human and she mets her vampire soul mate .Shocking Twist and E


I never think about how I would die,I never think about my life only my friends my family and school work,but that happend to me the whole dieing thing .This happend to me when dad and mum planned to move to vancover, because dad had a new job as a doctor there and I had to move there by saying goodbye to all my frends in calarfonia.

This was the strange way to die,I was still alive in a way,but how did this happen, Is this just a dream ,is this real,How did this Happen I only went to bed that night.What will my boyfriend think should I Tell Him?? I should not so im giveing my human life away.


This is my story about how did I turn into a Killing vampire!


The End

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