The maids version

The maid was still screaming when she ran inside the manor. "Help!, help!," she screamed. "someone Jumped from the parapet!"

Dozens of couples in ball gowns and tuxedos froze. The six piece band's music dribbled off to nothing. Then, there was a rush to the patio doors. Once outside the guest scoured the area. There was no body to be found. Everyone looked up to the shadowed outcropping of the parapet, only silence greeted their stares.

One of the guest located the maid, weeping, in the laundry room. She was returned outside and questioned, but she was amazed as anyone that there was no body. The host and hostess exchange glances. They had only moved into the manor a month earlier, and although they had been told of a ghost haunting, they blew that off as hysterics. This afternoon was to be a house warming.  

The End

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