The fudge demons are waiting in ambush on the roof.

Super Bastard peers around the door. And finds only a small, brown squidgy... thing, sitting there. Raising and eyebrow, he looks it up and down. It looks back at him, the very picture of fudge-coated innocence.

Then it sinks it's sharp teeth into Super Bastard's foot and races away chittering truimphantly. Super Baster roars and chases after it, snatching at it's fast retreating figure and just missing it as it launches it's chubby form out the window

"Eff you you little bastard! I'll tear your entrails out you little git!" screams Super Bastard as he pokes his head out of the window to watch the fudge demon clamber up onto the roof. He looks up to watch it's progress, snarling like a dog that's had it's tail stepped on and dipped in hot tar before being set on fire for a live firework.

Then his jaw drops.

There are hundreds of them! Hundreds and hundreds of the little brown sharp-toothed monsters are all crawling over his roof.

Oh shoot, he thinks, what the eff do I do now?

The End

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